My profession requires me to do a lot of writing, but know? Unless you’re living your dream of being a features writer, an author or some discipline based around a personal and creative form of writing, being a professional writer in corporate land is enjoyable, but not the bees knees.

I started blogging because I wanted to flex my non-fiction-but-creative writing muscles, and Ukraine was my muse.

I have continued blogging – albeit sporadically – because I want to continue to hone my creative writing when I get the opportunity. I like to enhance my writing where possible with photographs – some are simply descriptive, and other times I’m showing off what, in my opinion, are my lovely great pics!

Guest writing and guest blogging

I am open to any writing project. If you’re looking for a guest writer or guest blogger, just email me at littlemissmoi@yahoo.com. If I have the time (and it would be a rare occasion that I wouldn’t make the time), I would love to be a guest on your blog.

Projects and collaborations

I am an Aries and I have a short attention span, so I LOVE the idea of new activities. I have previously collaborated on or created some fun blogging projects:

– I collaborated with my artist friend Olha Pryymak, to bring some poetry in words to her poetic paintings: here, here and here (strangely, WordPress is not allowing me to link that last ‘here’, so here is the link)

– I created and participated in a ‘cross blogging carnival’ with my friend Kahlee Rose: here and here

– I wrote haikus for all my commenters who finished the sentence, “You know it’s time to wear thermals when…”

If you have a crazy writing or blogging idea, and you want someone crazy to help you out – drop me a line!


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