An afternoon at the beach

On Sunday afternoon we ventured down to Areia Branca, which is on the east end of Dili.

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Beautiful scenery, white sand, and beer (and chocolate milkshakes) delivered right to us on the beach. Not much more you could ask for, really.

(And yes, the Sprog really did insist on wearing that dress to the beach. Practical is not her middle name).


Photos from day five in Dili

Ed: I wrote this post yesterday (Sunday evening) but fell asleep before I could post it. So cast your mind back a day, read, and enjoy.

Today started off early with Harrie waking myself and the Sprog at the crack of dawn. Well, it was before the crack to be precise, but the neighbourhood roosters had been on the crowing job for a while even by then, so it was close enough to dawn.

Despite the early start, I felt better as Harrie only woke once all night (a stark contrast to the 4 or so wakeups per night of recent nights). Also, I had found and unpacked the COFFEE MACHINE! I can’t tell you the joy of being able to brew my own coffee to my taste.

At 10.30, the Sprog and I were collected by our taxi driver and taken to the local church for English Mass. East Timorese are predominantly Catholic and the church was packed to the rafters. The driver sent his son and daughter in with me and the Sprog, and they were so well behaved compared to my little threenager.

When the church suffered a power cut about halfway through the Mass, I thought it was a good excuse to leave, as the Sprog’s increasing whinging (symptomatic of the stupid o’clock start no doubt) was driving me slowly insane.

This afternoon we went to a beach tucked out of the way on the west side of Dili. It wasn’t the most beautiful beach but it was lovely and breezy, with Atauro Island dancing through the haze offshore, like a whispery ghost.


Taking in some sights from the taxi


Dili streetscape


Sun heading towards the west


Coconut palms. Laden.


Sprog has made a friend


Digging on the beach. She was grumpy about something. Probably that she was woken at 5.30am.

Photos from day two

Day two was definitely a more challenging day than day one. That is fairly par for the course, I guess. Despite our best efforts to get out and about, we were home before lunch, with the rest of the day stretching out with nothing to do and no-one to see. Which, for the record, depresses me.

Harrie playing in the corner by the front door
Sprog checking out the ‘morning glories’ – flowers by our path
20120728-030738.jpgPlaying in the back garden

Some photos of day one in Dili

As I can’t seem to upload to instagram with my shoddy Internet, I thought I might have more success with getting pics on the blog. Here we go: testing! Testing!

The Comoro Bridge
One of our taxis – packed to the hilt

The Dili coastline