This blog is about me, my life and the things I enjoy. My name is Brooke, I live in the tropics, and my life revolves around absurdities, travel, life in the tropics, food and my kids. 

My recent life in reverse chronological bullet points

  • 2011: Got knocked up again. Spent most of the year knocked up. Visited Singapore. Visited Thailand for a wedding. Visited Sydney and Brisbane. Worked a lot. Went on mat leave. Had daughter number two: Harrie.
  • 2010: Did lots of work. Grew the Sproglette. Visited Japan. Visited Timor-Leste. Worked some more. Made some friends in the Territory. Visited Melbourne for the first cold weather since we left Ukraine.
  • 2009: Left Ukraine in the snow. Went to Portugal. Went to the UK again. Went to Singapore. Came back to Australia, moved to Darwin where we knew no one. I got to SAHM in Australia and it drove me nuts. Got a daycare spot (pivotal to being able to accept a job). Got a job. Made some friends. Got over the heat of the tropics very, very quickly.
  • 2008: Got knocked up and subsequently spent most of the year up the duff. Went to Italia. Spent the night sleeping in Malpensa airport. Went to a wedding in France. Was tres fun. Went back to Australia for four months and sprogged my very own Sproglette, a Queenslander. Went back to Ukraine to pack up the apartment. Fecking freezing winter.
  • 2007: Started this blog, initially called ‘Nezalezhnosti’, which is Ukrainian for Independence. However, it was too hard to spell and didn’t mean anything to anyone except those who could understand Ukrainian. So soon changed the name to my nickname. Observed the dysfunction of Ukrainian politics first hand when the government was dissolved for five months. Did a 99 mile walk through Scotland. Had lots of visitors from Australia. Picked mushrooms in the forest. Visited Hungary. Visited Romania. Visited the UK lots and lots. Christmas-ed in an auberge in the skifields in France. And hated skiing.
  • 2006: Living in Sydney. Invented my nick name, Little Miss Moi so I could leave snarky opinionated comments on news websites. Quit my job. Left Sydney. Moved to Kyiv, Ukraine for some expattin’ and beer drinkin’ and pig fat eatin’.

About my nickname

Little Miss Moi was a name that spontaneously erupted when I wanted to comment on news websites. I don’t know where it came from and why I picked it, but that’s the name that came to me, and that’s what I’m stuck with, it seems – I can’t think of a better one!

About my blog name

I’m tipping my hat to my favourite blogger, Girls Gone Child – I’ve totally ripped off her idea to name my blog. She has often debriefed some very personal issues through her ‘Epiblogue’ posts.


16 thoughts on “About

  1. Wow, do you ever have a great blog – wish I could do something like that. I have this little website going, ukraineorphans.net which is in support of some wonderful people who help the orphans there. No donations please! Now isn’t that different.

    I have been advised that I need a blog and have been fishing around how to do one that is relevant but from here in middle Ohio and never have been to Ukraine. Do you have any ideas for me? I would be ever so greatful for anything. The cause is righteous but if the orphans were depending on me they would starve to death.

    Thanks for considering,
    David Cottrell ukraineorphans.net

  2. Dear pal of mine… Err, I just highlight the text I want to hyperlink, click the little chain picture in the wysywig editor, then put the url in the box…. ?? I’m not very good with this sorta stuff.

  3. I love your blog – especially the title! I’m Australian, but living at the moment in France with a French lad I met in Russia (long story…)

    Anyway, we’re living here in Paris at the moment, dunking timtams in tea whenever my mother feels kind-hearted enough to send some over, and watching bootlegged Kath & Kim whenever we get our hands on it… As a result of this and time spend in Oz, this French lad has developed quite a unique Fraussie accent in his English and isn’t afraid to drop a “look at moi” in every so often (oh, the shame!)…

    If you weren’t actually playing on words, and you really are surnamed “Moi” just ignore мой комментарий (hahaha, the shame!)

  4. Hi Little Miss Moi

    I emailed a reply to your comment on my blog but it bounced back with the message “This user doesn’t have a yahoo.com.au account”. I’m hoping this will get through. Have you changed emails?


  5. Great blog – it lured me in as partner and I moved to Vietnam and baby … rocked up… and now we are living back in OZ….. and life turns up on its head!

  6. after flicking through your blog for the last half hour (didn’t realise you still had it going), I just recognised the photo across the top!!

    always get a giggle from the musings – the continuation of “a reflection on spare”.

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