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We’re ‘home’. Kinda.


Big city girl

Big city girl 1…

Big city girl

Big city girl 2!

When I left Brisbane 11 years ago to move to Sydney, I thought the future had two possibilities – stay in Sydney forever, or move to London at some point, and return to Sydney. I didn’t expect that we’d travel around a few different cities, and I never ever thought that I would one day refer to Brisbane as ‘home’ again. But, it’s where a big chunk of our families are, it’s where I came back to to have one of my babies, and despite the massive changes that have happened here since I left, it’s still so familiar to me – it’s like putting on a comfy pair of trackpants.

It’s taken a couple of weeks to unwind from the tangles of Timor since we got back, and to just relax. There was mail to go through, things to get organised, winter clothes to buy for the kids in a hurry, as well as family to catch up with after more or less seven months away from each other (or in the case of my parents, 12 months – as they were travelling when we visited Brisbane last November). Shopping malls to be bedazzled by.

The Sprog seems to be quite obsessed with understanding driving rules. This is because there are no driving rules in Timor-Leste. (Well, there are but generally road-based anarchy reigns). She wants to know what the traffic lights mean (there are only two sets of traffic lights in Dili and I don’t think either of them are working at the moment), and she’s become a very capable backseat driver.

Little H has taken advantage of being in a new place and is using it like her personal play gym, climbing up things and jumping off them (much to my horror). Her language is coming along well as she’s now constantly surrounded by English. Both girls love being in Brisbane with their two Nanas, their Pa and Grandpa, and cousins galore (both the ones related by blood and the ones related by the bond of parental friendships!)

With going home on the horizon already, I’m soaking up every last inch of the balmy winter days, fast internet connections, convenience of town water coming through the taps, lack of strange smells, clean streets, friends and family, and being able to buy anything I want right when I want it!

We kinda miss spotting pigs and goats as we drive through the streets though.

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2 thoughts on “We’re ‘home’. Kinda.

  1. It’s nice to be “home”

  2. Gorgeous shots.
    Great post!

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