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The Empty Water Bottle (a hate letter in poem form)


I hate changing water.
Every third day
the bottle runs empty
and I’m filled with dismay.

The empty bottle is there
high on the bench
staring at me
like I’m a kitchen wench.

It bubbles, says plolop –
the water is gone.
It taunts me to change it.
I’m a mere sad pawn.

With a groan and a sigh
I give the bottle a wash.
It’s time for a new one
but I’ll lose half in the slosh.

I hoist up the bottle –
all nineteen litres.
From my shoulder I chuck it
to the container; it teeters…

With one final hoist
it goes over the edge,
upside down in the dispenser
perched on the ledge.

And with the now full bottle
I cook with glee
anything with water,
no worries for me.

Because I don’t have to change it
for at least a few days…
But-oh-how I wish for town water
T’would be a novel craze.

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Author: Little Miss Moi

Living life, tropical style

6 thoughts on “The Empty Water Bottle (a hate letter in poem form)

  1. Oh Brooke I didn’t realise you didn’t have a water supply in your home. I feel for you :-(

  2. Good to see you blogging again :-)

  3. Oh I do, sorry Gary – we have a bore in our compound so we have water for showers etc, but not for drinking. This is where the big water bottle comes into play. I hate changing the damn thing. Everything ends up saturated.

  4. Urgh! That sounds like a horrible chore! How many litres does this water bottle hold?

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