Harrie’s eye colour…

More or less since the newborn sheen wore off, there has been no mistaking what colour the Sprog’s eyes are.
No filters on this people. They are BLUE. Very BLUE. We were VERY surprised by this – perhaps we shouldn’t have been. I come from blue/green eyes, but the Mr comes from brown eyes – in fact, his dad is Chinese. And his mum has brown eyes.

So BLUE eyes and light brown/blondey hair on our first born was a surprise. Then along came Harrie, who (naively says the second time mum) surprised us with her differences to the Sprog. Her skin tone, her face shape, her hair colour. Everything. But for a while, we did think her eyes were going to be blue too. Just more of a grey blue, like mine. But in recent times, we have not been so sure. I mean, is it possible to have GREY eyes? Because that’s what Harrie’s eyes look like sometimes. Just steely grey.

Other times a little bit of green. (There’s no denying a green background helps in this instance).

I feel like I NEED to figure out what colour they are. Some people say “Labels aren’t important”. Bugger that. Labels all the way for me, peeps! “Very cute” is one label I will give Harrie. But I also want to be able to slap a definitive eye colour on her. What do you think? Blue? Grey? BlueGrey? Green? GreenGrey? On their way to brown?

I have no idea.



*The only edits these pics received were crops. 


13 thoughts on “Harrie’s eye colour…

  1. They look more green/gray than anything else I think, at least in what I think are the more recent photos. But you’re right, whatever colour her eyes are, she is damn cute 🙂

  2. She’s adorable. (well, they both are).

    I have very blue eyes, my husband’s are considered “hazel” – but my youngest? I think he has my mom’s eyes, which she calls “Muddy Pond Water”. hahah

  3. Commenting a bit late here!

    My heritage is Chinese (with a tiny bit of Welsh and Spanish thrown in the mix) and my husband is Caucasian. My two boys both have green-ish eyes. The first has a tinge of brown but the second are a similar grey-green to Harrie’s! Those Chinese brown eyes must not be as dominant as one thought 🙂

    (Although my daughter, no.3, has brown hair and brown eyes).

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