The birthday whirlwind

Starting with the rising of Virgo in the Zodiac (is that how it’s said? I wouldn’t have a clue because I’m a newspaper Zodiac-er and that’s about it) we have what I shall henceforth refer to as the birthday bash whirlwind.

Within the space of three weeks we have:

  • The Mr’s birthday
  • My Mum’s birthday
  • The Sprog’s birthday
  • Father’s Day (technically not a birthday but a gift giving obligation)
  • Harrie’s birthday.


And then six months later in March, we have my birthday. I’m way out there on my own in terms of my little family, BUT I do have company in terms of my family – my big sister’s birthday is a week before me, and my parent’s wedding anniversary is in between.

However, in my day-to-day life, I am an island of Aries-cusp-Pisces in a sea of Virgos. (I don’t know much about Zodiac, but according to everything I’ve read, Aries are incompatible with Virgos. Uh oh!)

So, here’s a little recap of the celebrations of the birthday whirlwind. And poor Harrie, by the time I got to her birthday yesterday, I really was thinking “Oh f**k, another cake”…

First we have the Mr’s birthday. I remember when he turned 30, it was the day after he arrived in Oz from a 36 hour travel period from Kiev, Ukraine. And I dragged him to antenatal classes. The Sprog was born a week and a half later.

Then we have the Sprog’s birthday. I believe in practical gifts for kids. The Sprog got some trainers that she needed for school, as they have PE class and her faux-Crocs (Faucs?) are not allowed.

She loves opening gifts. She was particularly taken with the dodgy Chinese bag that her gift came in.

Here she is in her 4-year-old glory, looking massive and grown up. The change between three years and four is incredible. She’s now definitely a girl, not a toddler!

Enjoying her cake (which I bought – as I’d made her muffins to take to school and I couldn’t be bothered to make another cake!)

What I failed to document in pictures was the Sprog’s first real birthday party. Last year, she crashed her best friend’s birthday party (the mum was happy for us to do this) but only one other kid showed up. This year we invited all the kids in her class (there are only seven of them) and they all came, and they all had fun. And I didn’t take one photo. But the Women’s Weekly cupcakes were a hit!

And here we are on Harrie’s birthday on Sunday. For Harrie’s birthday, we went to the beach where two other little babies were celebrating their first birthdays.

In case you haven’t realised, Dili is like Darwin – lots of babies around. I guess there’s not much else to do πŸ˜‰

These days I’ve given up bringing the Sprog’s togs to the beach as she HATES the water. That was, until Sunday. When I didn’t have togs. So she spent the morning swimming in her clothes. And she LOVED it.

Oh this is just the view from the beach. Nothing spesh.

Harrie really loved the water too but I’m a paranoid mum and this little one has had two ear infections already in her short life, so I am not taking risks. I am keeping her out of the water for as long as possible… Yes, call me cruel.

Here’s a horrible selfie. I was actually trying to caputre Harrie’s eye colour, which is still quite undefinable – grey/blue/green. Hard to tell. This photo did not confirm anything except that she’s cute.

The Mr did his fatherly duties by repeatedly dunking the baby’s feet in the water as the tide came in.

I really love that this beach has so much shade. There are trees all along the shore line, which is rare in Australia. I am so sun adverse, which is why in general I am not a beach person. The shade also makes the beach a very pleasant place to hang out, not hot and impossible like the Queensland beaches in summer.

To sum up, I think the three of them have all enjoyed their birthdays this year.

Stay tuned for photos of Harrie’s cake, because we haven’t managed to keep her up long enough at night to actually cut it yet.


19 thoughts on “The birthday whirlwind

    1. Even my mum who moved to Qld in her mid-30s says togs! back in the 80s, you had to be a joiner in Queensland πŸ™‚ I also say felt pens (not textas), sandshoes (though I used ‘trainers’ in this post as everyone seems to understand that one), prickles (not bindis), spitting (not sprinkling) for rain… I remember moving to Qld and going into year 1 and at times it was like I had to learn a new language! Do any of those sound familiar?

      1. Having grown up in Qld I say togs, runners, bindis, spitting and have used both felt pens/textas. Do you call poppers, poppers or juice boxes? πŸ˜€

      2. Oh yes, although we said bindis. Yes you were spat on by rain too. It’s like no one here has a clue when I say tuck shop or felt pen. When I was a boy we also had peanut paste because there was a law in Queensland that forbade the use of butter unless it was butter.

  1. Can’t believe how big Frankie looks!! And yes you are a cruel mother – let Harrie in the water!! In a yr you’ll wander why she hates the water!!

  2. You sound like our family! The twins and I and Father’s Day all within two weeks in September and when you add my extended family who we see a lot of, it gets even crazier!

  3. Love this post, but I have to say, March is the best month πŸ˜‰ Only really awesome people are born in March!! hehe πŸ˜‰

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