Just meandering through life…

So the rubbish internet connection I have here has really put a stopper on my presence online. When I can be bothered I get on Twitter a little, but I only have Wi-Fi access, not 3G, so I’m not tweeting out and about.

Instagram is a whole other story. Even over Wi-Fi, I can only upload photos when the network is quiet which is usually at either 11pm or 6.30am. During the day, I have practically no hope. And even at the late/early hours, I usually only manage to get a pic to upload after retrying it about 10 times.

I also can’t get any images on Facebook – not that THAT really matters to my readers here as I’m talking about my personal page and I barely let the two intersect.

And Skyping people is just a complete joke – think 3 minutes of “Can you hear me?” “Can you hear me NOW?” “No I can’t hear you, CAN YOU HEAR ME?” before the call drops out.

One thing that does work is if I take photos, edit them on my phone in Fotor or Camera+, then upload onto WordPress VIA MY PHONE, and then save the post as a draft. If that post survives the saving process, I can then come and edit that post on my computer and actually make a half decent post.

However if I try to upload photos through my computer to WordPress, is definitely one of those “press the button, cross fingers and walk away” kinda jobs.

I always enjoyed taking photos but seeing as I just can’t do anything with them, I’ve kinda given up a bit. I shall have to force myself to get back in the saddle, though, because such momentous occasions as The Sprog’s Birthday Party have passed us by and I didn’t even mange a mobile phone snap or two, let alone pulling out the real camera.

So that’s the state of things at the moment. I promise I will try harder this week. There are lots of crazy things to tell… Like the new shop I found that was full of literally everything I’ve not been able to find elsewhere, but none of my other necessities (think – it had beef stock and pita bread, but no milk…). Or the Sprog’s birthday party. Not to mention how every time I take the kids out they get chased around by locals wanting to touch their cheeks – they are appearing in photos all over Dili.

So things are plodding along, really.


10 thoughts on “Just meandering through life…

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