And just like that, the nanny quit…

Remember how I said it was nice to have a nanny on board?

Well, things were getting a bit stressful. The Mr had warned me that it might take a while to find a nanny that I really like, and I understand this now.

The Sprog HATED the nanny. I mean, would scream if the nanny tried to help her (e.g. go to the loo, get dressed, bath etc). SCREAM. She also took to saying “I don’t like you” directly to the nanny, so there was no mistaking that the nanny was not the Sprog’s favourite person. So I had no relief on the looking after the Sprog front – she still came with me everywhere.

Harrie didn’t seem to mind the nanny, but she certainly never giggled or seemed truly happy in her presence. The nanny wasn’t too big on play, preferring to sit with the Sprog on her lap while watching telly. Poor Harrie loves getting around so I would tell her to plonk her on the floor, to no avail.

So this all made me a bit stressed out, especially to have it happening under my roof.

I had promised to give her a one month trial, and today the month was up. She got a mutual acquaintance – who speaks English – to call me this morning to say that today one month was up, she wanted her pay and then she would leave immediately.

And so that was it. I paid her, and she left. Goodbye nanny.

I don’t really NEED a nanny – but today I spent three hours traipsing the stores looking for groceries with poor Harrie in tow. She would have been far happier at home, I know. That’s probably reason enough for me to start the search again.


3 thoughts on “And just like that, the nanny quit…

  1. Ugh! It is just one of those bloody weeks. New nanny that was supposed to start tomorrow has gone AWOL. In short I am back to no nanny, no new house (US Embassy outbid me on the one I thought I had) and Mr O leaves for Australia in 3 weeks…… I am STRESSED!!!
    Looks like we will both be interviewing Nanny’s this week, perhaps we should share tips and techniques!

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