An eventful uneventful 24 hours

Yesterday, the internet was out for most of the day.

So was the television.

The day before, most of our district had a power cut for half the day. We have a backup generator, but chugging away for half the day was a bit longer than I guess anyone expected, and it ran out of fuel.

I live a cotton wool existence here in Dili. Not only do I have a nice house (albeit without an oven or grill!), but I live on a compound which means I have the benefit of things like a generator, two internet connections, cable TV, house boys who will run out and do small jobs like buy my phone credit and fix the generator, and a site manager who will fix things like broken light globes and also weigh into the fixing the generator palaver.

Yesterday when the internet went out, I was right in the middle of the world’s funnest conversation with someone on Twitter about what would happen if Rose met Amy? And if Amy met Donna? on Doctor Who.

Very important stuff, I tell you.

Then the internet dropped out and it didn’t drop back in. So I had to seek an alternative. First I did some cooking (strictly stovetop only!). I made chicken and sweetcorn soup, a red curry, a green curry and some baby food. (I had a 2.5kg block of frozen chicken breast that I had too cook up as I couldn’t defrost it piece by piece).

Then the Sprog and I went out for lunch with the Mr. And then I took advantage of the fact that I do have a nanny, and I disappeared and watched Downton Abbey for a couple of hours. (Perhaps I should have been napping, but oh well).

Meanwhile, I checked the internet connection on my phone like a maniac every five seconds just to make sure it hadn’t come back on while I wasn’t there.

I’ve been addicted to the internet since the first dialup connections started to enter houses. 1996? 97? So when I can’t connect to the net, it’s incredibly difficult for me to feel comfortable. All a bit sad, really.





6 thoughts on “An eventful uneventful 24 hours

  1. There’s nothing like a good outage or going off the grid to make one appreciate the high speed, relatively reliable internet we enjoy today. I remember those painfully slow days over dialup modems. Distant memories now. Glad you survived and the internet is back!

    1. Oh I’m glad yours is a distant memory. I’m afraid I have to live with this for the next few years, as this is such a poor country and they are rebuilding all the infrastructure… Might take a while for things like the internet to improve! And we left Darwin just as our suburb was getting high speed internet too!

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