Integrating? Slowly…

Today I had a lead.

Apparently there is a mother’s group that meets at a local beach every Thursday morning. The person who gave me the lead was a little hazy on the time – when I suggested around 10/10.30 it was met with an ambiguous, “Yeah, that sounds about right”.

Because of the geography of Dili – looooong and skinny, hugging the coastline – the beach is a fair drive, despite being a ‘local’ beach. So I opted to leave Harrie at home with the nanny and take the Sprog as we could have a nice old dig in the sand even if there was, in fact, no playgroup.

Based on such sketchy details, I was quite surprised then, when I turned up to find that playgroup was indeed on. The beach was lovely – white sand, lots of shade – and besides our group and a couple of guys sunning themselves, the only other people on the beach were a group of teenagers playing a game of football (with thongs as the goal posts. Love it!)

There weren’t many people there for playgroup – just two other mums, a grandmother and a nanny with her charge – but it was a nice little group, enough for a chat. And not only that, but the restaurant across the road sends the waitresses over to take orders, and then they deliver the food right to you at the beach. To me, that classifies as five-star treatment.

While I sipped on my latte and ate my banana honey pancake, the Sprog drank her strawberry milkshake and terrorised the other kids if they dared come near her sand castle creations. And made me a number of sand-‘cakes’ with sprinkles. MMm. Aren’t I lucky. Needless to say I stuck with the banana honey pancake.

Someone took my email address to add me onto the playgroup mailing list, and another mum took my phone number.

And a four year old kid asked the Sprog on a date.

All in all, it was a good morning.



9 thoughts on “Integrating? Slowly…

  1. Sounds like you had a lovely morning!! Completely amazing re: the waitress! That is awesome!! Hope there will be plenty more mothers group outings to come!! x

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