Shake me up and stir me crazy

I am going crazy. Stir crazy, to be exact.

We don’t have a car (and may not get one anytime soon – there is very little stock of new or used cars available in Dili at the moment). We don’t live within walking distance of anything, and I’m not sure that I would take the girls walking on the streets around here, due to the extreme daytime heat and the presence of a lot of dogs. I don’t deal well with dogs.

Plus, the streets around here are all dirt road, and I don’t think the stroller would deal well with that.

So, it’s these four walls and the estate grounds, except on the days when I get the driver to come. However, therein lies next problem – even when I arrange for the driver to take us somewhere, I’m not really sure there’s anywhere we can go.

I have seen one park/playground since we’ve been here – it’s not great quality, it’s in the middle of the town and there’s no shade. So it’s an early morning or late afternoon excursion only, but it’s a 20 minute drive there and back.

Am I just making excuses? Probably. I could always take the girls to the beach (again, early or late, but it’s closer by) to roll in the sand and built castles. But… meh. I’m not a beach person.

It’s great having the nanny here because there seems to be enough for the girls to do between her and me. But now, for example, Harrie is asleep and Sprog is watching a movie, and I am typing a blog post. I can’t bring myself to commit to anything else, to be honest. I should probably go and have a sleep or start planning a sewing project, but I just… can’t be bothered.

Tomorrow there is a playgroup at a beach about 20 – 30 minutes from here. Hopefully that will help me feel a little bit refreshed.

And I can’t wait til we get a car.


9 thoughts on “Shake me up and stir me crazy

  1. Ah Brooklet it appears you are in a quandary 😦 I hope things start looking up soon or that you at least get your wheels! What’s the post like to Dili? I should maybe send you some sewing patterns and some pretty fabric, although these days there are a lot of great online tutorials, anyway keep up the writing I am living reading all about your days in Dili xxx

    1. Thank you meggsy! I think I’m just in a bit of a downer, I expected it with the move. Sometimes everything seems so overwhelming that it’s hard to do anything – I’m sure you know it well! Part homesickness, I’m sure. Anyhow, thanks for the offer – i’m not sure what the post is like here, though, I’d say it would probably get lost! I have a little stash though, so I should just pull out the sewing machine and get to work!

  2. Enidd wishes she could swap. You can have this British “summer” with its endless rain, 12 hour days working for the company from hell, mad bosses, no time to even clear up the Man, or his mess. The lot. Enidd would like to do nothing in the tropics for a bit…

    1. Yes enidd you are right, I should shaddup and count my blessings and all my free time and my lack of jumpers. I’m sure I’ll get into the groove soon, I just have a bit of the white-house-in-the-village-in-the-middle-of-winter-itis 😦

    1. Actually I splurged on a taxi and went down there this morning, it was lovely – white sand, really quiet, and the restaurant across the road send the waitresses over with menus and delivers food and coffee over to the beach. I will def be there a lot when I get a car. It was fab!

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