Last night a DVD got to me…

Tropics living isn’t really for me.

After three and a half years, I’m now used to it and I appreciate the fact that I don’t have to switch up the kids’ wardrobes throughout the year, and that it’s never too cold for them to play outside.

When I was younger I used to dream about the day that I could move to London and live there, working in a museum or university as an anthropologist (trust me, this is when I was MUCH younger!), walking out of my workplace at the end of each day rugged up in a coat and scarf, sky overcast, a bit of drizzle. To me, this was perfection.

Then I grew up and moved to Sydney and that city has its fair share of cold, wet days and my appetite was sated.

And then I moved to Ukraine where it was too bloody cold and snowy and slippery, and I’m sure I got SAD and after three winters, when the Mr told me that he had a job offer in Darwin – the tropics, the land of perpetual summer! – I thought that it sounded absolutely blissful.

It took about three years until I stopped yearning for a cold snap. Finally, after all this time in the tropics I can appreciate the nuances in the weather and enjoy them. The thermometer dipped below 20 last night for an hour? OMG BLISS!

In September 2010 we took a little family weekend to Melbourne so the Mr could take in some of the football finals. My awesome friend and former boss said that we could stay at her lovely terrace house in North Carlton (even though she wasn’t there for a few days – talk about brave, letting a family with a small kid loose when she’s not there to protect her domain).

In the evening while the Mr was at the footy, I got the Sprog off to sleep, switched off the central heating, and for an evening, I lived the life that I haven’t quite lived yet: groovy inner city pad, cold but not TOO cold, glass bottle of red, cheese and crackers and a chick flick period drama. The drama of choice just happened to be something my friend had lying around next to her DVD player: the Rupert Penry-Jones version of Persuasion.

That night still stands out as one of the best nights I’ve had in recent memory (sad, I know!). I enjoyed the me-time immensely – and it was definitely augmented by the fact that I could curl up in a ball and not have my limbs slip off each other because of the ever constant sweat of the tropics. It was an evening parenthesised by a great weekend of good food, exploring new places, friends, and damn good, cheap coffee.

Last night, after a bottle few glasses of white (well, it IS the tropics), I pulled out my since-purchased copy of Persuasion and was instantly transported back to that evening. I think I bought the DVD because I hear the music and see the visuals and a feeling of happiness just floods over me. Yes. I am that sad.

Even though tropical living is on the cards for the next little while at least, it’s nice to go on a trip down memory lane.


6 thoughts on “Last night a DVD got to me…

  1. Thanks for the shout out! It’s good to just hang out in the cold with wine ; ) But, before you know it, you’ll be into the swing of Dili and loving the warm weather… I’m envious of your new adventure! You might need to brush up on language and bargaining skills ; )

  2. I’m sitting here feeling sorry for myself in Canberra because it’s cold and try. In the perfect world I’d be in the tropics and you’d be here 🙂

  3. Me time is essential. I am enjoying me time tonight which means trawling through all the gossipy celeb blogs, drinking wine and eating crisps for dinner. Sad but I love it.

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