Some photos of day one in Dili

As I can’t seem to upload to instagram with my shoddy Internet, I thought I might have more success with getting pics on the blog. Here we go: testing! Testing!

The Comoro Bridge
One of our taxis – packed to the hilt

The Dili coastline


5 thoughts on “Some photos of day one in Dili

    1. Hi Gary, I managed to get a good signal in my compound next to the office. So I’ll have to save all my photos and upload them at once – and yes, I’m that much of an IG lover that I will probably do it 😉

  1. Apparently, according to what the Mr has heard around the traps, there aren’t many crocs in Dili because they are hunted but there are quite a few further up the coast. I will definitely be approaching the beach with caution… tho there is quite a lot of diving here and no incidences that have been reported – so who knows if the croc stuff is a bit of a beat up?

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