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I’m currently in struggle town. We have to move by 16 June – sort of against our will. Our landlords have decided to sell the apartment and they will obviously be aiming for the owner-occupier market rather than the investor market. Obviously, because they are booting us out to do renovations so they can sell it without our stuff smearing the potential buyer’s dream.

So we have to move our stuff, and we haven’t found a place yet. So we’re moving into temporary accommodation, which is a huge impetus for us to clear out all the crap we’ve accumulated in three years and six weeks in this apartment. It’s actually the longest we’ve lived in any place together.

I’m finding it really daunting to figure out where to jump in. Our place isn’t tiny but it’s not huge either, and we are using all the bedrooms, so there is no space for us to accumulate stuff as we sort it. And sure enough, just as I sort something, one of the children decides to go through it all and mix it up again.

Ah the joys. I can’t wait for the next six weeks to be over.


2 thoughts on “Struggling

  1. I really feel for you Brooke. Whenever I’ve had to move I’m overcome with a feeling of dread. I hope you find somewhere nice soon *hugs*

  2. It seems as though everyone is moving lately…maybe it’s just because I am feeling restless myself and am noticing it more. I hope it goes smoother than you anticipate, keep us posted!

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