Dora envy

Miss 3 is obsessed with Dora. It’s not an obsession of my doing.

A bit of context here:

The Top End of the Northern Territory is hot. It’s always hot here. It’s simply a matter of whether it’s hot and humid or hot and dry.

Every. Single. Day. Of. The. Year has forecast temperatures of 33C. Even in the dry season – which is our ‘cool’ season, the overnight minimums rarely dip below 21C.

This past wet season was unseasonably dry and and sunny. It was also very humid, very hot and the UV index was often off the charts even at 5pm. At the Sproglette’s daycare, they monitor the UV index and there were a number of occasions where it was too hot to play outside in the late afternoon after their ‘structured learning’ was complete for the day.

So they sat inside and watched movies. And quite often, Dora was the DVD of choice.

The Sprog has been talking about Dora for a few months now, but I didn’t realise how out of control her obsession was getting until she came home from daycare wearing Dora underwear. Underwear that I most definitely did not purchase for her.

Me: “Where did you get those undies from?”

Sprog: “Kayla leant them to me.”

Me: “Really? Really truly? Does she know you have them?”

Sprog: “YEEEES! She GAVE them to me! They were in her bag and her bag was on the shelf!”

Me: “So she didn’t really GIVE them to you, did she?”

Sprog: “…..”

Sprog: “I LUB Dora!”


10 thoughts on “Dora envy

  1. Do you remember the time Sprog was upstairs with me when Mr Moi was away and you were in a meeting? And you came up and were appalled that I was letting her watch kiddy-crack? Yeah, you can probably blame me…

    1. yes I do. I think I actually uttered the words “I’ve never let her watch Dora before” 😛 oh well, it was bound to happen one day. If I escape the phase with a pair of stolen undies and no other pester power acquisitions, I’m a happy mumma

    1. She recently stole a Strawberry Shortcake skirt from the same girl, but I fessed up and told the mum. And snuck the skirt back into the girl’s bag. Catholic guilt reigns supreme 🙂

    1. Yes as long as it’s undies I’ll be happy. I don’t want her thieving bigger things such as shoes… that’s happened before and it was embarrassing to be confronted by the mum….

    1. We’ve caught up with E a few times, and they get on really well. In part because Frankie is a bossy boots and E is wonderfully acquiescing!

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