Clearing the draft folder

I’m going on a mission to un-draft the posts sitting in my draft folder. This post was written in January 2007, about one of the first restaurant outings Mr Moi and I had after we arrived in Kyiv (Kiev), Ukraine, where we lived for 2.5 years. I don’t know why I didn’t publish it, and any reason I did have is now long gone. Enjoy!

When is a stir-fry not a stir fry?

Well, I learned today.

Despite today being a weekend, Mr Moi had to work. So I decided my task for the morning was to decide where to rendezvouz for lunch. When we’d first arrived in Kyiv, I noticed what seemed like a busy little noodle bar around the corner from Bessarabskii rinok called Wokie Dokie. We’re constantly yearning from some decent Asian food, so I decided we’d go there for lunch.

When we walked in a saw it was empty, I took it as a bad sign but, being a weekend, one can’t expect all the weekday ‘business lunch’ haunts to be busy. The English menu promised chicken stir-fried vegies with rice, which sounded safe enough, so we ordered, paid and sat down. Within one minute, our food arrived. Fresh from the microwave.

I’ve often wondered when stir-fry is not a stir-fry. For example, if a stir-fry is cooked in a Scanpan as opposed to a wok, can it still be a stir-fry? What about if it takes longer than five minutes to cook? Personally, I think if it’s home-made rather than ordered from a Thai restaurant, then it’s not technically a stir-fry. Just quietly, there seems to be so much grey area.

But today I learned, and I learned good. When a ‘stir-fry’ is cooked in a box in a microwave… well… that is when a stir-fry is not a stir-fry.

Mr Moi’s shoulders visibly sagged when he picked up his first mouthful of limp vegies and rubbery chook, but to his credit he choked it down anyway. I quietly hoped that we wouldn’t get food poisoning, or cancer, or both…

My one consolation was that the packaging is micro-safe. Might reduce the risk of stir-fry induced cancer.

On researching this particular chain, I was surprised to find that it’s Swedish. Frankly, I expected better from the Swedes. Through Ikea, Volvos and all those good tennis players in the 90s, the Swedes have consistently provided reliable high quality. Wokie Dokie is a tarnish on all things Scando.

On another note, the snow continues. And looks like it will continue, with Wunderground predicting temperatures sitting in the minuses for the next week.

The snow falling tonight is really beautiful – like glitter really. Here’s the view from the balcony.

I don’t feel so bad about missing an Aussie summer when we get to have snow! (and slush, and ice, and falling over, and runny noses, and the flu and… Oh ain’t winter grand).

That’s this week’s de-drafting effort. Feel free to ask me any questions about Ukrainian cuisine that may be losing sleep over. 


2 thoughts on “Clearing the draft folder

  1. Snow like glitter? Ahahahaha you had so just arrived! Sitting on yer balcony – sounds like a certain princess…. Hahahahahehehehehooooohaha

  2. Oh hilarious! You know I am not like the princess. I was only on the balcony to retrieve the bottle of fizz I’d left there, I wasn’t sitting on a windowseat philosophising over snow! Dare you to blog your favourite Kiev restaurant experience now.

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