Behold the chunk missing where the fringe used to start

When Harrie was all of three weeks old, I attended the baby shower of my boss and friend. Yes, that’s right – both me and my boss were pregnant at the same time. That’s a big ‘HA HA’ from the Universe to anyone who arranged a meeting with both of us!

Needless to say, I was in the middle of self deprived baby haze hell when we went to the baby shower. I have no idea why I did, but I told the Mr that I would take the Sproglette along as well. Obviously, the sleep deprivation had rendered useless my ability to think logically.

Harrie, being so young, was a absolute dream waking only to feed. As there was quite a crowd at the baby shower, the guest of honour herself took the Sproglette away to play with a bunch of 4 and 5 year old girls, who were apparently planning a fashion parade. Fun fun fun for the Sproglette!

Now I can have helicopter parent tendencies, so I checked on the girls every 10 minutes or so, and other than finding them in a bedroom where the floor was no longer visible for the pure volume of de-robed clothes, there was nothing suspicious to report.

Cue gift opening time, and all girls were summonsed to the deck, including the juniors. And that was when another colleague of mine said, “Uh… Brooke… Did you cut the Sproglette’s fringe?”

I immediately felt my tummy start churning. “Um, what do you mean? SPROGLETTE, GET OVER HERE NOW!”

The Sproglette came over and I examined her hair. Indeedily, she’d cut her fringe to within a centimetre of its life. Instead of being cool, calm and collected and reminding myself that it’s-hair-and-it-grows-back, I decided there and then that there must be missing hair everywhere on her head and ran down the hall to the bedroom where the girls had been playing.

And that’s when I saw it. Hair-gate. Blonde tendrils decorating the jarrah floorboards. And I cried, because it was the Sproglette’s first haircut and it wasn’t on my terms and oh if only I’d been paying more attention and did I mention I had a three week old and was sleep deprived and really really hormonal?

So I just cried.

And through my tears I said to the guest of honour, “I’m not really crying about anything. I mean, she’s never had a haircut but it’s just hair, it will grow back. You’ll know why I’m crying in a few weeks time.” Boo hoo hooooo!

As it turns out, three of the girls gave each other a haircut. And it was only their fringes. And for the record, as a result of such a positive first experience, the Sproglette just LOVES hairdressers.

It’s hair and it’ll grow back

5 thoughts on “Fringe-gate

  1. This is really quite funny :p Seems like lots of kids do this – my brother once cut a massive chunk out of his own hair! Sproglette’s mini fringe is cute 🙂

  2. Thanks Donna – I can definitely laugh about it now! I couldn’t at the time. There was something else that happened a few weeks later – you may remember teeth-gate from twitter – that gave me real perspective! I must blog about that one too I think! And yes, her fringe got rid of the mop over her forehead and actually opened up her pretty little face 🙂

  3. I think this is a right of parental passage! When my daughter was ~2 years old, her brother cut her hair off (by the ear) – so it looked like she had a mullet. I couldn’t bear to trim the other side off so we let it grow up – and it took forever for the two sides to finally match – and when they did – you guessed it, she took the scissors to herself. I definitely cried. .

    1. OH my god! Well it can go either two ways Karmyn – she’ll either grow up with an intense hatred of asymmetrical haircut, or an intense love of them!

  4. Don’t tell her this but Frankenpoodle with that hair looks like the cool girl out of Die Antwoord (I fink you freaky) 😉

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