Let’s talk about… The S factor: SLEEP

Sleeping is a big issue in our house. In fact, sleeping is a big issue for everyone. There are very few people in this world who can function normally with too little sleep. We can get by for a while, but eventually something has to crack.

Mr Moi does not function well without sleep. He often will need a nap both days of the weekend, or a sleep-in during the week to catch up. He needs to pay off his sleep debt quickly.

The impact of my lack of sleep is more of a sleeper (ha ha puntastic, no?). I will strut around claiming I am superwoman and I’m only surviving on four hours sleep, but my crash is messy. Oh boy is it messy. Tears, slamming doors, angry words. All of it.

Mr Moi and I, as a unit, are at our most vulnerable when we’re both sleep deprived. And with a baby in the house, that’s often.

So let’s move onto Sproglette’s sleep. She’s become a terrible sleeper since her sister arrived. She wakes in the middle of the night and comes into our room, either climbing into bed and kicking one of us out, or waking one of us up. We were driving ourselves absolutely CRAZY by marching her back to her room 50 times a night, until I realised that it was a stress we can do without. One day she will grow out of her crap sleep. In the meantime, I set up her little fold-out couch on the floor of our room every night, and she comes and nocturnally plonks herself on that, and we all sleep ’til 7am.

Well, kinda. I still get up to feed Harrie.

Now Harrie. When she was brand new, I fed and rocked her to sleep. I can’t be harsh to a new baby. They can’t make an overnight transition. We did a lot of settling in the Baby Bjorn. Lots of dancing around the living room to some funky music. But now – she’s seven months old. She’s pretty chilled out and I can definitely decipher whether she’s grizzling or really upset. So to settle her I: make sure she doesn’t get toooooo tired, then I plonk her in the cot. She grizzles, cries, then sucks her thumb to sleep. Usually takes about 5 minutes, sometimes up to 15 minutes.

I rocked one baby to sleep for 10 months. I don’t have the energy to do it again.

Sleep is incredibly important to prevent things like depression, anxiety and divorce. No jokes.

Tell me – how much sleep did you get last night? 


9 thoughts on “Let’s talk about… The S factor: SLEEP

  1. Oh lord, the sleep factor. Part of me thinks I must be on crack to have another baby and start the shite sleep routine all over again now that we have a child who sleeps through the night. E has some nights where she won’t sleep in her own bed and crawls into ours. It’s not too bad for now, but once my belly starts taking up space it might be an issue! lol
    Trav is a crap sleeper – a true night owl. I have no idea how he manages to function, but then when E arrived the lack of sleep barely even made a dent in his routine! I can’t cope with too little sleep, and I’m like you in that once I’ve reached my limit the crash is a spectacular event to behold.
    I vaguely remember being 18 and going out with friends until 6am and then being at work by 9am. There’s no freakin’ way I could do that these days!
    It’s amazing how something as simple as sleep can derail a person so quickly – but I can totally see why they use it as a form of torture.
    I hope things improve soon!

    1. What a shame that the Mr can’t lactate in that case and take up the task of night feeding the new one 😀 I wish I was a night owl during these baby-riffic months.

  2. There is never enough hours dedicated to my fave pastime (prior to parenthood!!) of sleeping. My son is a restless, and light sleeper, as am I. I can be woken any time and even if he only needs me for a minute, it can take an hr or more to get back to sleep. And my hub sounds like yours – needs to schedule in his weekend naps while I, like you, soldier on until I fall apart in spectacular fashion. Aint pretty!

    1. I wonder if all mothers put their nap requirements on the back burner… certainly with a newborn that’s breastfed its hard to ‘snatch’ a nap because you have to be awake with the baby, and they only sleep 2ish hours when little! actually finding the time to nap requires quite dedicated organisation and scheduling and quite frankly, who has the energy?!

      I find it difficult to nap, and in the morning, once i’m awake i’m AWAKE, but luckily most nights I haven’t found it too hard to nod off again after the night feeds.

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