Partying hard in Singapore – the SHOPPING edition

This is our ‘Let’s hit the shops’ face. Sproglette is letting the team down slightly with her look of apprehension

Singapore, to me, has previously been all about the two Ss and the F – the Stopover, the Shopping and the Food.

Hmm, that doesn’t quite have a ring to it now, does it. Oh well. Bygones!

This time our trip to Singapore was about the S and the three Fs – the Shopping, the Friends, the Food and the Flowers.

This was the first time I’ve visited Singapore to go to Singapore, as opposed en route to the UK or back to Oz. So why did we choose Singapore? Firstly, our friends from the Ukraine Days are now residing in Singapore, and a visit has been on the cards since the moment they moved there. Secondly, Singapore is only a little over four hours from Darwin, so it’s not a long haul, and in fact takes the same amount of flight time as most Australian capitals from Darwin.

The most important thing about shopping is actually getting there in the first place. Choo choo!

So, let’s talk about:


Yes, that is a shopping centre with a canal down the middle with a gondola in it

If shopping were an Olympic sport, Singapore would surely be a contender for the gold medal. There are a few reasons the shops are so popular in Singapore (all my own opinions, of course):

  • The weather. Singapore is hot and humid and even though three years in Darwin has acclimated me to the weather, the pollution is just that cherry on the top of the sundae that will send you into a gleaming tower of capitalism… and air con
  • The geography. Singapore isn’t a big island and there are a lot of people who live there. So at any given time, I’m sure there is a large proportion of people on the tiny island who think, “Let’s go to the shops”
  • The availability. Shops abound in Singapore. And they have EVERYTHING. You can get ANYTHING in Singapore. Aussie yoghurt? Check. Kobe beef? Check. Chanel glasses that I am still lusting after? Check. And all in the same building! (Hello Isetan!)

So did we do a lot of shopping in Singapore? Well, not heaps. Not ‘we need to buy another suitcase’ volumes. But we did indulge in a few little things that we only justified buying because we live in Darwin where the only place to spend money is on tickets elsewhere. And at Target.

My favourite shop on Orchard Road – Ngee Ann City, better known as TAKASHIMAYA!

We got a few little things that Singapore is good for:

  • Tailored suits. The Mr got a few made up
  • Luxury goods. Who said you had to have a lot of money to buy luxury goods? Ok ok so I couldn’t bring myself to spend the $700 on the Chanel sunnies, BUT I did get a Kate Spade tote bag and mobile phone cover at reasonable prices (with our favourable exchange rate)
  • High street fashion. Yay for H&M, Zara and Uni Qlo. I stalk these brands around the world
  • Tech products. Well, we drooled over the tech products, and bought some tech accessories – covers for the phones and the computers
  • Random stuff. I bought some bits and pieces from Indian retailers at the markets
  • Food. Hey, buying food is ‘shopping’ too! From Japanese supermarkets to the wet market in Little India, boy was it fun discovering the food.
Why hello you pretty pink bag. Ignore the pile of washing in the background
Orla Kiely shirts from Uni Qlo

So, suffice to say, we participated in the pseudo national sport of shopping and we had a ball!

Bling bling in Little India

* All photos taken with Canon S95


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