Doctor Donna

To say that I have a bit of an imagination and can get carried away in my daydreams on occasion would be a weeeee bit of an understatement.

In fact, if I am watching a good show or reading a good book, I have to consume it 24/7. I think about it all the time. I get completely invested in it and feel the real happiness of the characters, or the real heartbreak. I re-watch or re-read as often as possible and basically become completely obsessed by whatever the narrative may be.

Yes, that is right, I have the emotional maturity of a five year old. The good news is that these obsessions usually come to a rather speedy end, thank goodness, and after a week or so of focusing on little else, I can resume living a normal life.

Lately, thank to ABC2 replaying all of the NuWho series of Doctor Who every weeknight, I have become a little bit sidetracked by the show. I’ve never been a Rose Tyler fan, and I missed those two series, and half of the Martha Jones series (I do love Martha). What I did see all of is the Donna Noble series.

I love Catherine Tate. I love the Catherine Tate show (Am I bovvered? Are you bovvered? I’m not bovvered…) I saw the Donna Noble Doctor Who Christmas special when we lived in Ukraine, and was a bit sad that she didn’t become his companion there and then. Well, ABC2 has just finished broadcasting the series where the Doctor was accompanied by Donna Noble. And to see the ending… well. I feel bereft. So sad. I love Donna Noble. And I love Catherine Tate – she is the most amazing actress.

Behold, the highlights from the Donna Noble series of Doctor Who…

And all the heartbreaking bits of Donna from the series 4 finale

Catherine Tate is an incredible actress. The scene around the 6 minute mark where her mind starts to get overloaded will go down as one of the best TV show scenes ever for me. Gotta love the Doctor Donna.


3 thoughts on “Doctor Donna

  1. You are not alone mate, I too get lost in the lives of my fave books and shows – so much so I limit how much I watch and read 🙂

    Good news about Donna though – she is soon going to be on my all time fave show, The Office!

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