I’m back

It’s been a long month or so without a computer. My previous computer has been ailing for a while, so it wasn’t much fun to use anyway, but now I have a new computer (early birthday present) and it’s a MacBook. Yay! It’s a lot lighter than our previous computer so I find myself sitting in front of the television with the computer on my lap to blog. Hm if telly and blogging can be done simultaneously, I may indeed do it a little more frequently.

This post has no purpose other than to declare my state of continuing existence. But on a different note, above is a picture of little Harrie taken last week on her 6 month birthday. Oh my, how six months has flown. I’ll be back at work before I know it.


4 thoughts on “I’m back

  1. Jules – I have to admit that at the moment it’s all very unfamiliar and has a level of chaos about it, but I’ve figured out how to do everything I need within a minute or two.

    Gary – A whole new world of blogging – in front of the telly! Looking forward to it.

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