Tales From a Text Message: The Downton Edition

Recent text conversation with my friend Andie.


Andie: You watching Sunday on Ch 7?? Downton Abbey story about to air!

Me: Yes! Thank you!

Me: Am taping it too so I can watch it over n over again 😉

Andie: You are a tragic!!

Me: No tragic is the fact I got my autographed pic of Branson!

Andie: Oh yes that is tragic… More importantly what have you done with the picture?

Me: Hidden it at the top of the wardrobe coz of Mr Moi found it he’d be all like ‘WTFFFFFFFFF?!’ 🙂

Andie: That is hilarious

Me: And then I’d have to tell him abt how I gave my address to someone on twitter who sent a fangirl christmas card to him on behalf of an Irishwoman, a Mexican, an Israeli, a Scouser, a Korean and myself.

Me: And he would tell me that that is so far fetched and accuse me of writing him a fanmail directly…


Me: And then I’d lose my street cred.

Andie: Oh the tangled web… All for an Edwardian drama!

Me: But it’s DOWNTON!

Me: Hey I got tweeted by HughBon last night

Andie: Ok… Is that mr bates?

Me: No! Lord G! We’re on first letter basis!

Andie: Again… That is brilliant

Me: I’m so sad aren’t I. (Note no use of q mark as it was a statement not a question)

Andie: Not at all!!! Let’s face it. Tweets ARE the new fan letters that we all sent to Bros in the 80s.


And there you have it – I know someone who wrote a fan mail to BROS in the 80s!

Oh I die of laughter.


2 thoughts on “Tales From a Text Message: The Downton Edition

  1. Hey *wave*, I lost track of you when you moved to wordpress.

    I too have the Downton fever. I heard everyone go on about it. Got the first boxset from the library last week and now I am hooked. It is fab!

  2. Apparently I am the last person on this planet to have watched Downtown Abbey. I have it in my queue so I’d better start watching so I know what everyone is talking about!

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