Travel Snap Tuesday: Donostia (San Sebastian), Basque region, Spain

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In September 2006, before we moved to Ukraine, Mr Moi and I spent a little bit of time driving around France. While we were on this trip we decided to pop over the Pyrenees/border to San Sebastian to experience the hustle and bustle of a big Basque city.

San Sebastian is a beautiful city with water everywhere – the ocean, a large river, and an enormous bay. Like all people who live by the water with a great climate, the Donostians (??) loved getting out of doors, donning their best to stroll along the waterfront.

Boy did we have fun – eating Tapas (or Pixka as I think they are called) and drinking beer pretty much sums up the way we spent our afternoons and evenings. But during the day, there were so many places to explore in this town, with beautiful natural scenery, a big hill to walk up, the amazing architecture, the great shops, and the waterfront.

Walking around this amazing city, I was snapping pictures of everything – not only because it was so beautiful, but because my camera was still so shiny and new.

As we were walking around the bay, these boats caught my eye. Painted in the colours of the Basque flag, they symbolised to me just how important the Basque cultural identity is to the people of San Sebastian. They have their own language, their own flag, their own cuisine and customs.

At the time we were there, there had not been many recent problems with ETA. I’m a lot more interested in politics now than I was then, but visiting this city, and spending some times in the French Basque region, was a fascinating experience. In October 2011, ETA declared a permanent ceasefire. One day I’d love to go back to San Sebastian and nearby Bilbao to explore the history more.

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