Darwin is a small town, Part 2

Remember when I told you Darwin is a small town?

Well, Darwin really is a small town. This time in not such a good way.

Let’s rewind, shall we, to mid-November, when Harrie was two months old. I decided I needed to reinvigorate my wardrobe – to ditch the maternity jeans and wear things that fit. So I packed Harrie in the car and we headed off to Target. And while attempting to navigate the carpark at Target, an old fellow pulled into a carpark. I advanced to drive past him when he all of a sudden decided he didn’t want that carpark and reversed – I’m guessing without looking – right into the front of my car.

We were, of course, fine, as he was reversing at about 5km per hour. However, I was really shaken.

Just last week, I was in the carpark of the local supermarket. The carpark is notoriously full at all times. So I was one of 20 cars doing circles of this carpark, following a massive Landcruiser, with other cars behind me right up my clacker.

All of a sudden the Landcruiser, all of one metre in front of me, starts to reverse. So I beep the horn. The person in the Landcruiser waves their arms at me – which I took to mean that they wanted me to reverse so they could back up further. Of course, with a car right on my arse, there was no way I could go any further, which Landcruiser Driver should have been able to see as their car is a fricken skyscraper.

So, Landcruiser starts to reverse again. This time I sit on the freakin’ horn because I could see a crash was immenent. Driver waves arms at me again, and then pulls into a carpark (which I couldn’t see existed because the Landcruiser was so fricken huge).

Lots freakin’/fricken’ in this blog post, yeah? It’s because this incident had me totally shitting myself. It’s one thing to be bumped by a little Corolla in a carpark at Target. It’s a whole other thing to be mowed down by a Landcruiser.

So, Landcruiser now out of my way, I drove around and found a park at the other end of the carpark, and reversed into it. As I was straightening the car, I noticed a woman walking rather purposefully towards me, then she stopped and started yelling at me. I wound down the window so that I could actually hear the abuse she was hurling in my direction, and she finished with the comment, “Did you think I was going to reverse into you?”

And I answered, “Yes I did, actually. It happened to me a few weeks ago and I have a small baby in the car.”

And as we were staring each other down, I’m pretty sure it clicked with both of us that our kids go to the same daycare centre. We cross paths numerous times per week. And she looked like an absolute tool.

“Oh that’s OK then, if that’s what you were worried about,” she said, bobbed her head down and scurried off out of the carpark. And I was so bloody happy because for once it wasn’t ME who looked like an idiot.


11 thoughts on “Darwin is a small town, Part 2

  1. Bahahahahaha! I love it when the people in big arse cars aren’t so brave once they have to step out of their bloody tank of a car. I get that we live in the NT – but unless you live out in Jabiru, why do you have a tank on wheels? Darwin has had bitumen roads for many years now. We’re modern like that 😉
    Oh the joys of parking rage…LOL

    1. Well I could write a Darwin is a small town post about how you figured out that we know each other IRL from Twitter! I totally agree with you about tanks around Darwin – Prados are as big as I can handle, Landcruisers are just bloody enormous – and actually, even Jabiru has nice roads! hahaha!

  2. Hahaha – I can’t believe she actually came after you – because If I make a “silly” car mistake, I get all embarrassed and avoid looking at the other driver.

    1. Yeah I totally am brave behind the wheel but a face to face confrontation is not something I would seek out either! I’d be afraid if I chased someone down that they would punch me in the face!

  3. Car parks are there only special kind of hell, no doubt about it. I can’t believe she came after you. I can certainly understand why you would be concerned. Even without the earlier incident.

    1. I agree with you, they are hell. Not as crowded as Sydney, tho – I recently was in a traffic jam to LEAVE Westfield Bondi Junction. Urgh. TO LEAVE the carpark for goodness sake. I will say, however, people on the roads in Darwin tend to be really aggressive and the Mr and I both agree that driving in Sydney is too crowded but people are generally friendlier.

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