Australia Day 2012

I love Australia, but I do find it hard to muster enthusiasm for our national day, falling on the date that it currently does (the anniversary of the First Fleet arriving in Botany Bay, which marked the commencement of the settlement of Australia by the British Empire).

Instead I will leave you with a few links and bits and bobs that caught my eye.

  • I could write how I feel about Australia Day, but one of my tweeps Kathryn put it perfectly on her blog. Her post was straightforward, simple and touching, and summed up how I feel about Australia Day. So I won’t rewrite the wheel, so to speak.
  • A tweep friend, Anita Heiss, along with six other proud Aussies featured in a story on Mama Mia, Australia Day: Seven Stories, Seven Australians
  • Prime Minister Julia Gillard made headlines as she was dragged through protesters from a function room in Canberra
  • Mr Moi came home from a trip (funnily enough, I couldn’t find a link to a news source for this one) and I was really happy because sometimes I find the solo parenting thing reaallly tiring
  • Rafa and Federer played each other in the Australian Open but the match was halted for Australia Day fireworks
  • Australian artist Gotye topped JJJ’s Hottest 100 with his song, ‘Somebody that I used to know’. And I leave you with that very song:

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