New year, better version of me

Glamming it up on a coffee date

Well it’s been a while now since I had my little rant/tanty (ranty?) about how being a mum makes me feel like I’ve been ‘put on the shelf’ so to speak.

Let’s recap shall we? Back in November, I made a few ‘I feel’ statements (some corporate HR gurus would be proud of me there!). Along the lines of: I feel old. I feel tied down. I feel ugly. I feel unglamourous. I feel bored and boring.

So what have I done to make myself feel a little better about myself?

  • I bought some new clothes. They aren’t fabulous by any means; in fact they are mostly from Target. But they are new, they are rip-offs of on trend clothes, they are comfortable and I like them.
  • I put away my maternity clothes and pulled out my old clothes. I still can’t wear many of my dresses because I’m breastfeeding, but they are in the wardrobe to remind me that they are there, and it won’t be long ’til they’re back in rotation.
  • I wear earrings everyday. There’s nothing better to jazz up some bad hair than a pair of earrings. If I don’t have a pair of big dangly earrings on, I feel like I’m walking around in my underwear.
  • I love my new glasses. Once again, bad hair and no makeup can be disguised by my big specs. People notice the specs, not my worn out face. Now the wet season is here and it’s overcast often, I’m wearing them a lot.
  • I bought some cheap accessories to match my new clothes. Hello Diva! I actually shopped instore – but when I googled Diva to provide that link, I found out you can shop online. Oh dear! Bad news!
  • I got a haircut. I finally got rid of the mop when I was in Brisbane. Thanks to Christmas holidays, I got some babysitting time and used that time to get my hair chopped.
  • I wear things that smell nice. Mr Moi bought me a goodie bag/box of Aesop stuff. And living in the tropics makes things go off in half the time, so I use something nice every day, thank you very much.
  • I have become a little houseproud. Keeping the main parts of our place neat and tidy helps me feel a little less out of control. I have purged a little, and tuck mess away behind closed doors, and I’m quite comfortable with that.
  • I surround myself with pretty little things. I’m a stationery addict, so have stocked up on things from Kikki.K and Typo in my recent travels down south. Obvs this was before Typo got itself into a lot of bad books with some of their silly designs.

And last but not least, I try, at least once a week, to take part in Andrea from @FoxInFlats weekly style dare. It’s a fun way to think about how I look and try something I wouldn’t usually try. This week it’s red nail polish – and I NEVER wear nail polish. Thanks to Andrea for pulling me out of my fashion rut every now and then!

The next step to feeling good, for me, will be all about using my brain more… so I’ll have to get thinking!


7 thoughts on “New year, better version of me

  1. Thanks Donna! I have by no means made big changes – but even having a cute diary and calendar to write my appointments etc in make me feel happy. Yes, I am that shallow 😉

  2. Oh I like this list. Anything that makes a mum feel less manky and old and just yuck is cool with me. I have started wearing concealer and make-up some non-work days just to feel less fug. It works. Power to you sister.

  3. Thanks P23! That’s a good one! I haven’t tried the makeup so far this round (I just don’t wear any, never really have) but if I do want to zhuzh it up a bit of pink eyeshadow usually makes me feel a bit glam!

  4. As important a job as motherhood is, it can make you feel ancient before you actually are! All that sleep deprivation and constantly being needed can do that to a person…..But it sounds like you’ve figured out a good solution. Taking the time to fuss a little over yourself and give your brain a daily tuneup—-crossword anyone?—sounds like a sane solution to me! I survived five and I’m still here!

  5. I started painting my nails before Christmas and my husband totally freaked out on me. “Why are you painting your nails?” Okay – so I haven’t done it in years. He thought I was having some weird “episode” or “breakdown”. I just laughed. (and then my nails started peeling and I remembered why I quit painting my nails)

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