A happy new year

I want to have a happy new year. Spending the last few months of 2011 as a new parent was both exhilarating as well as demoralising. Not as 100 per cent demoralising as I found the Sproglette, but there are still moments, at 1 am when you’re rocking a wired non-sleeping baby to sleep, that you stupidly decide to start discussing with your husband, in not-so-dulcet-tones, the parenting techniques you’ve decided to employ and why. Of course a fight ensues.

Baby number two is about a million times easier than baby number one. I’m sure the Sproglette will continue to be my test run as she goes through the years, but following up will be little miss Harrie who will benefit from the battles I fight with myself and the Sprog.

In general, though, I have struggled to be 100 per cent happy in a place I didn’t want to move to, a long way from my family, living with kids and a husband who travels a lot, in an environment that is debiliatingly hot and humid, with few recreational interests that I enjoy.

The Mr and I are the only break for each other. When we’re tag teaming the kids, it makes it really difficult to connect with each other, especially when he travels. And a flight to anywhere from Darwin is simply too long to take on a regular basis.

But, I’m hoping to put all these things behind me. I need to focus on the positive, get off my bum, put a smile on my face and enjoy everything. Enjoy the Sprog’s tantrums – I am becoming so good at diplomacy that I should be able to put it on my resume soon.

So here’s to having a happy new year, and I hope you’re having one too.


5 thoughts on “A happy new year

  1. I hope you have a happy new year too! Glad you’re back and good luck with the challenges you noted. They’re never too great to overcome!

  2. Bonjour Brooke!! Thank you for coming on my blog and saying hello!! I wish you an Happy new year!! Congrats for your big family! All the best! And who knows? See you one day somewhere in the world…Singapore maybe? 🙂

  3. It is tough having a spouse who travels – and gets to leave for a little bit at a time while you stay home all. day. long.. (been there – doing it). How long do you have to be living there? Is there any opportunities to move?

  4. @mark – there is very little that is too great to overcome, I realise, especially my pissy little problems in the broad spectrum of things. However, I still have Vancouver envy, you lucky duck…

    @Claudia – Thank you, I hope you had a good one too!

    @Caroline – I hope we do catch up soon, I’m sure I will see you in Singapore before this year is finished 🙂

    @Karmyn – We’ve been here 2.5 years, likely to be here for a while yet. Mr Moi and I have one recurring fight, and that’s about how I never get a break whereas he does. He argues that his ‘break’ consists of being away for work which very full on, but I argue right back that it’s still a break and he can sleep through the night without listening for a crying baby. It’s a fight that’s not likely to get resolved until we’re not there anymore. I know exactly how you feel.

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