How I got had by big PR

Well aren’t I silly. Yes, statement not a question.

When I was told I was one of three bloggers being given the opportunity to interview Nikki Gemmell – who was lovely by the way – I was really excited. Being an avid book lover I thought it was a great opportunity to have a light-hearted delve into the mind of an author.

I also went to great effort to craft an interesting post to read while promoting the kindle competitor That Shall Not Be Named.

However, I am a personal / mummy blogger, not a book blogger, so I asked if it was possible to get a product to give it away on my blog to make my efforts relevant to my readers.

I wasn’t too surprised when I was met with a no; it was worth a shot.

So imagine my surprise when I found out that the other two, yes TWO; not TWO-ZERO TWENTY, not TWO HUNDRED, but TWO bloggers running this promo not only got a product to giveaway, but a product to keep as well.

The message I get? My time is not important because I only get 200 readers per post? Maybe, but why pitch to me in the first place?

What baffles me is that the account manager actually thinks it’s ok that I get nothing to giveaway for promoting The Product That Shall Not Be Named whereas the other TWO people do. If I was to get the same treatment as the others, the PR company would be distributing a total of SIX PRODUCTS to bloggers. Not SIX-ZERO SIXTY, not SIX HUNDR…. oh you get the picture.

I wouldn’t have minded if I was one of 20 bloggers to interview Nikki and only two bloggers got a giveaway. But to be the only one of three who is stupid enough to promote a product for absolutely nothing – well, I feel like an ass.

And guess what – I don’t like feeling like as ass. You’re messing with fragile new mama hormones, Mr PR Company. I have a two month old – sitting down to make a phone call and write a post isn’t as easy as picking up the phone.

And here’s the kicker – I work in PR. Perhaps I should have been more wary, but I have ethics and as a result I would never take advantage of a blogger or a paid member of the media. If I expect someone to write about my product I would be courteous and thank them for their time; I would either pitch an exclusive story to one outlet or send everyone on my list media release and product.

And if one of my employees treated a contact the way I’ve been treated, I would take them off the account. I would be embarrassed to have an employee like that. Good contacts are gold, regardless of circulation, and messing with relationships is just not on. If I was Sony, I would be embarrassed by the way I’m being represented by an agency I pay a LOT of money to.

So if you want to win a Product That Shall Not Be Named, visit the lovely Eden at or Mrs Woog at, because this here portion of the interwebs is not important enough to offer you one.

Okay now please excuse this stupid mummy blogger – I have another nappy to change.

Oh and if you want an eReader – buy a kindle!


10 thoughts on “How I got had by big PR

  1. What a load of crap. There are some great commercials airing that I’ve seen that remind me of this sort of BS. Search for Ally Bank on YouTube.

  2. Wow. Now I have a thousand questions … are you still coming tomorrow night? Would love to catch up with you properly.

    Thing is, I wonder how many bloggers were actually pitched for this? I had assumed a lot?

    Hope you’re ok .. thank you for the shout-out. But now I just want to give you my reader.

    1. Yes I will post the rest if the interview because she was lovely and had some interesting insight into how ereaders really got her kids into reading!

  3. What? Thats absolute bullshit.
    I would talk to Nikki about getting a new PR rep to pull that shit.
    I would also email that PR rep and tell them you’re not happy with how this has played out. They may just give it to you because they realise they’ve been twats. Don’t they get that we actually read one anothers blogs?

  4. How completely rude of them to treat you this way! I think this post is a perfect example of how PR’s need to learn how to best interact with bloggers. And btw – loved your closing line! Will keep that in mind should I be in the market for one just simply because of this post 🙂

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