The squeaky wheel gets the grease

I’m a great believer in being a pain in the arse providing constructive criticism. I used to work for an FMCG manufactuer, and being in a consumer driven industry meant that I became very accustomed to listening to what consumers had to say, and not just how they chose to spend their $$.

So I am quite happy to bitch directly give feedback to a company if I think their product is below par.

My most recent bug bear was my Palmolive Dishwashing Detergent. It claimed to be a concentrate formula, thus you use half as much. However even when it was closed properly, the detergent formed a plug in the lid and, in the process of squeezing the plug out, double the amount of detergent would spew forth from the bottle. ARGH – the ANNOYMENT! I mean, this totally negated the whole concept of using half as much with the 2 x concentrate.

Can you not see why this drove me bonkers?

It really annoyed me in that niggly fashion and being at work all the time meant that I never got around to calling the Colgate-Palmolive consumer line during business hours to have a whinge. (Yes I’m all for giving consumer feedback, but I didn’t want to embarrass myself by revealing my complainy, pain in the arse side to my work colleagues!)

Roll on maternity leave. When Harrie didn’t arrive on the third day of my mat leave as planned (!!), I decided to take fate into my hands and emailed off a little note to Colgate-Palmolive, letting them know my problems (with their product).

Imagine my surprise when I received an email back that very afternoon, saying they had actually made some modifications in the product, and they were going to send me a bottle of detergent so I could try it out.

Lo and behold, two weeks later, two bottles of detergent arrived. I was sceptical at first – after all the 2 x concentrate formula was only a new product in its own right – but believe you me, those pesky detergent plugs are gone forever.

Which means I will now happily buy my purple sink detergent once again. So YAY for consumer feedback, no?

And all I can say is, when confronted with the much hated task of cleaning the dishes, my grumpy mood is no longer exacerbated by detergent related frustrations.

The fact I am blogging about this may just be an indication of the fact that I need to get a life? But I am busy raising one.

Have you ever complained about sub-standard products, or do you just grin, bear it and shift your loyalties to a different brand?

*I was not asked or sponsored to write this post. Colgate-Palmolive has no idea I have a blog and that I am blogging about it. I was just very happy with Colgate-Palmolive’s commitment to their consumers, so thought I would let you all know.



5 thoughts on “The squeaky wheel gets the grease

  1. I complained to Cadbury last year when they short-changed me a Magical Popping Elf in a 12pkt… Very troublesome when you NEED all 12 elves because you’re using them as part of your Secret Santa draw (and from memory you ended up with the mini Bounty…). They sent me a $5 gift voucher which I thought was nice!

    Recently, I had some really fantastic phone service from one of the phone companies – so I submitted that feedback along with the lady’s name that served me. The company called a few days later to thank me for my feedback and told me they’d passed on my compliment to the lady and her Manager – so that made me feel a bit warm and fuzzy 😉

  2. I’ve generally quit complaining for lack of results. No reason for me to waste my energy when it will effect no change. Instead I just switch products or service providers if an adequate alternative exists. I’m glad you got results!

  3. Recently when my husband purchased a 12-pack of a very good beer, we found that 2 of the bottles had lids but NO beer in them. So – he quickly e-mailed the company and let them know.

    They sent us a nice check to reimburse him for the beer. We made money on the whole thing because when he bought the beer it was on sale. How cool was that? (A whopping 2.50 – but still, it was a bonus)

  4. @miss posy – Oh I have done that too! I once went to comm bank in Martin Place and the lady was the most sweetest and helpful lady I have ever dealt with, not just with banking. So I wrote a note as soon as I got back, sent it to comm bank, and they mailed me a copy of the letter that they mailed her, with my feedback and a great big congrats! It was def very warm fuzzy moment. Funnily enough, no one in Darwin has elicited the need for me to do that so far…

    @Mark Oh that’s too bad. They don’t know what a good consumer they are losing OBVIOUSLY.

    @Karmyn – HA HA HA $2.50 that’s hilarious. I would be very annoyed though if two of my beer bottles were empty. Surely $2.50 is a whole extra beer?

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