Miss Harrie – five weeks on


Little Miss Harrie is five weeks old. Time really does fly.

As of last week at her four week checkup, she was 4.2 kgs – which is what the Sproglette weighed when she was 9 weeks old!

This little bubba is not one iota interested in dummies, so I have to feed her a little more often, but I’m not a slave to the feeds.And yet she keeps piling on the weight and becoming more adorable by the minute.

The first week and a half was horrible (drug free birth, big blood loss, low iron, sore stitches, sore boobs, and getting to know the preferred settling habits of a new baby, all when you’re still exhausted from birthing – it’s all a bit too much). What I’ve learned with number two is that I’m no longer a bag of nerves about everything – because everything I’m doing is ‘seconds’, not ‘firsts’.

I’ve also learned that sleep deprivation is much easier to deal with second time around. Don’t get me wrong – it sucks and I really struggle to stay awake during night feeds – but I know it will end one day, and heck, I’ve pretty much been sleep deprived since the Sproglette was born, so what difference is a slightly more extreme case  going to make?

I still have two more posts to write about How Harrie Came Into the World (Part 1 here, and Part 2 here), but in the meantime, a bout of cute photo-itis is getting me through, so will have to do for you.


5 thoughts on “Miss Harrie – five weeks on

  1. Couldn’t agree more about being more relaxed & more patient with night feeds etc 2nd time around. Wish I could go back to my pregnant self 5 mo ago & let myself know it would be way easier than I found it the first time around!

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