Am I a bad parent because I don’t buy toys?

I think I have worked out that my poor little deprived Sproglette doesn’t have that many toys.

Now, I’m not much of a ‘sit down and do stuff with the kid’ kind of mother. I’m more like a ‘go out and do stuff with the kid’ kind of mother. We go to the park, to the library, to the shops and for walks to pick flowers.

I don’t do craft – I just have no idea where to start and have not one crafty bone in my body. We do a little bit of cooking but that’s disasterous and messy. One thing I like to do with the Sproglette is read. As a result she has about 200 books. In the absence of a bookshelf, they are rather precariously piled up in her room and likely to cause someone a serious injury one day. Kinda like my own bookshelf.

As for toys proper, we don’t often buy them. It’s just not something that I am good at doing. I always browse the toy shelves looking for something that I think the Sprog will like, but I find most of the toys are one dimensional – $60 for a toy that only does one thing does not strike me as useful or educational.

The toys that the Sproglette does have include: cash register, manga doodle, keyboard, cricket bat, football, dolls and a stroller, a bike, a scooter, and pool toys. She also has jigsaws, colouring books, paper, pencils and some very fun card and magnet games that her favourite grownup friend Kahlee has spoilt her with.

I know some people that pack away toys they way I pack away clothes that the Sprog has grown out of. We just don’t have the space (living in an apartment) to have purchased that many toys over the Sproglette’s lifetime.

Sometimes I wonder – am I depriving my child? Any recommendations for good toys and brands?


7 thoughts on “Am I a bad parent because I don’t buy toys?

  1. Mother dear – think about how many toys your other grand kiddies have, and then get back to me about the Grand-Sprog’s collection, or lack thereof…

  2. open up the pots and pans cupboard. Matilda has some great musical instruments – a nifty drum (an empty formula tin) and a great shaker (rice in an old peppercorn container).

  3. I think it’s awesome that you’re more inclined to go out and do stuff and in that case, why would she need more toys? Considering the space limitations, I think she’s doing awesome. I know I would have been fine if I only had Lego and nothing else.

  4. NO! she does not need a toy that will keep her entertained for 15 minutes and then NEVER looked at again. We have tons of toys like that in my house. It sounds like you are doing fine. And as far as “crafty” things – just paper and crayons is good enough. (and when age appropriate – a pair of scissors…..or wait and let her go to school to do that).

  5. Even I more enjoy a trip to the park than a craft session 🙂 the good thing about living in the tropics is that we have outdoor temperatures year round – although sometimes the rain can limit activities.

    Karmyn – Funny story about the scissors – that’s a post for another day.

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