Shopping. It is evil.


When we moved to the tropics in 2009 from a wintery Ukraine, I lamented the fact that I wouldn’t be able to dress the Sproglette in cute little winter outfits. You see, Darwin, being in close proximity to the equator and on the edge of a desert, is basically never cold. This year, there was one night that got down to 13 degrees and by God, the locals are still talking about it. It was the Coldest. Dry Season. EVER. Still got up to 33 degrees during the day though – hardly cold.

However, I did optimistically think that my wallet would be a little heavier because I wouldn’t be tempted to purchase so many clothes. I mean, when a kid can only wear one layer of clothing, every day of the year – how many clothes is it is actually possible to buy?

Well… Let’s just say that’s a rhetorical question.

The Sproglette currently has about 35 dresses hanging in her wardrobe. Most of these are on a high rotation. In fact, to ensure she gets good use out of all her clothes, I let her wear pretty much anything to daycare – there’s no use buying something and then never wearing it, is there?

Let’s also just say that I love Target. I would probably marry Target if I could. I would certainly move into a Target store given the opportunity.

The only Target store in Darwin is actually not in Darwin, it’s in Palmerston – which is about a half hour drive away, give or take. So going out to Target is actually quite an occasion, and when I go out there, I buy up big. For the kids, as well as myself.

(Side note – I never EVER thought I would wear Target clothes. In fact, I was such a boutique clothes snob, until I moved to Ukraine where I put on 15 kgs to protect me from the bitter cold winter, and thus lost all interest in fashion, in a country where fashion = leopard print, faux fur and bedazzler jeans. Enough said. When I moved to the Territory, my Eastern European wardrobe was grossly unsuited to the weather here, and the only clothes that fit me and looked OK were Target clothes. So my wardrobe is full of the stuff).

The scary thing is, Target is as close as we get to a classy department store in Darwin – there is no David Jones or Myer in the Northern Territory, boo hoo, sob sob. (Yay! says Mr Moi).

To supplement the Target racks in Frankie’s wardrobe, we’ve sent ourselves and our family members on shopping trips in various reaches of the globe. I have a couple of favourite stores for kids clothes – Zara, Mothercare and H&M – and have managed to keep stocked up on these goodies from UK, Portugal, Japan (hello Hello Kitty!) and Singapore.

The one realm that I haven’t officially entered is online shopping. It’s just far too dangerous for me. I have purchased the occasional goodie from the discount sites like Ozsale, but that’s just about it.

The most dangerous news I received in the past week was my fellow Tweeter @Gab_L_D making me aware of the fact I can now buy Cotton On Kids online.

Ah girls… so much fun to shop for!


5 thoughts on “Shopping. It is evil.

  1. Buying girl clothes is the best!!!! There are so many cute things to choose from. (boy clothes? – not so much. You are limited to some cute shirts and over-alls. But how many over-alls can a boy wear?)

  2. Hey, Miss Moi, since i’ll have a spare day tomorrow and VERY close to H&M would you fancy anything for the sproglette or harrie? I can see whether there are any last summer items on sale still….just let me know!

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