Oh newborn-dom, I forgot how I hate thee

Harrie has been a wonderful baby for the past three weeks. Oh, sure, there were two challenging nights where she didn’t get of to sleep until around midnight – the result of too much partying in the arvo and thus being totally wired. But besides that, I have managed to get a collective 6 – 7 hours sleep per night.

The downside of this sleep is that I have been a human millk tap all day, but as I figure it – if she fills up during the day, she’ll sleep better at night.

Enter the past couple of nights and days and the hell that is sleep deprivation.

Now I can cope with sleep deprivation to a point. The Sproglette still goes through periods of restlessness – from ages 2 – 3 you can be dealing with anything from teething to nightmares/terrors to just waking up and not liking the dark. However, I find settling the Sproglette at night quite easy – I just take my massive body pillow into her room and fall asleep next to her.

However, when you’re the food source for a helpless little being, it’s a whole different story – there is so much more exhaustion involved when you’re actually breastfeeding (in fact, I read somewhere that the hormones released when feeding are sleep inducing) and doing it a number of times per night, for up to 45 minutes or longer.

So the nighttime ritual of sitting in the chair, in the dark (don’t want to overstimulate the child and get her days and nights confused!) and sticking a sucking baby onto my boob has quickly become tiresome. I want some more sleep – just four hours in a row would be nice!

The upside to this downside is, of course, that – unlike baby number one – I do know that this will pass. Every day is a day closer to only having to wake once or twice per night for a quick 15 minute feed.

But until that day, I reserve the right to eat chocolate and glazey-eyes my way through adult conversations. The end.


4 thoughts on “Oh newborn-dom, I forgot how I hate thee

    1. It’s 2.30am in Darwin and I’m up for a night feed. I am, however, pleased to report that I just had 4 hrs and 10 minutes of continuous sleep! Oh, the small wins.

  1. Oh I remember those days well – and am so glad I’m done!!! As shocking as the first baby is to your system – the 2nd is even more exhausting because you have to keep up with the older child. I think I lived on chocolate and caffeine in those days. The sugar highs kept me going!

  2. Oh honey. Newborns no matter how absolutely gorgeous and delightful – SUCK when they aren’t sleeping. And it is so tricky to be the food source and try and do the night time settling as they can smell you!! It will pass – you will get through this stage. It’s just so tricky when you know your other child will wake early. At the moment our once great sleeper – the 1yo – is waking about eight times a night. It’s crap and its hard as we dont want her to wake the other two. Lucky the kids are all so beautiful during the day!!

    Hope you get some good sleeps again soon x

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