Welcome new baby

Introducing Little Miss Harry, daughter number two:

After what seemed like quite a protracted wait, during which my mum and I sat around staring at each other lots, watched countless episodes of A Place in the Sun, and ate lunch out at various pubs around Darwin, little Harry arrived on the second Friday of my maternity leave, 4 days overdue (doc’s dates) and 10 days overdue (my dates) (so I guess the doctor won).

Her arrival was fairly straightforward – my waters broke so I was induced and four hours and no drugs later, voila – a purply baby was plopped onto my belly. She came out kicking, screaming (didn’t need any assistance there) and sucking. Within five minutes of being on my chest, she lifted her head (!), looked around and started emotionally blackmailing me in the form of one big crocodile tear (yes, no blocked tear ducts either).

I was basking in the relative uncomplicatedness of this birth compared with my first, when I mentioned to someone that I felt a ‘gush’ and lo and behold, I lost almost 2 litres of blood and had to spend the night in the delivery suite getting blooded and drugged. Apparently my uterus is reluctant to contract on its own – a problem I had with my first birth also. My doc certainly earned his money that day, and I can’t fault the care I got one bit.

Suffice to say, I’ll never be a candidate for homebirth – and that’s something that doesn’t bother me in the slightest!

Fast forward a couple of days and we discharged ourselves from hospital (such a difference in the private – after three nights and four days, they told me it was quite ‘early’ to leave, and in the public they’ll turf you out after a night or two!)

So here we are at home, getting used to the comparative hum drum of daily routine. In a couple of weeks I will be scaling back the Sproglette’s daycare days so we can all spend time together, enjoying what Darwin has to offer 🙂

In the meantime, welcome to the world, Harry – you cute little bubba you!


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