The current state of things…

Here I am on day four of maternity leave, and I am still procrastinating about writing a blog post. Which goes to show that obviously, I have a problem with blogging that has nothing to do with time or lack thereof.

Anyhoo. An update on the current state of things…

I am now 40+2 according to my dates, and 39+3 according to the doctor’s dates. Nothing really going on in the baby birthing department, so mum and I have been chilling out at home (hello, it’s the Build Up – the start of the wet season and humidity central – one of the reasons I wanted to stay at work as long as possible), and have hit the shops every now and then.

Every day I am receiving Facebook wall posts from colleagues at work who want to know if there is a baby yet. IF THERE WAS A BABY, THE WORLD WOULD KNOW – don’t they realise this?

They are just taunting me.

Yesterday, I treated myself to a new pair of wheels:

New wheels!

I’ve long since steered clear of any shoes that hug my ankles for fear of the illusion of cankles (cause there’s no way I’ve actually got them, ha ha *manic laughter of denial*), but the price and size were right, and I thought this was a very cute but simple design that woud go with just about anything. It turns out the ankle is cut quite low and thus quite flattering. Me likey, me buy-ey.

However, even the bastard new wheels were taunting me about my pregnant status, reminding me that there are no more weeks to tick away…

Size 40 – and they cost 40 bucks

Other than that, I’m keeping well. Sleep, as always for the pregnant lady, has been quite elusive at times, for reasons I don’t want to go into, suffice to say a picture tells a thousand words that I don’t want to commit to paper.

Pregnancy + wet season = mega discomfort pour moi

Yep, you read it here. So so classy.

Stay well peeps!


5 thoughts on “The current state of things…

  1. Nothing wrong with cheesy thrush treatment.
    I think the build up is a wonderful time of year. My skin always felt so much better.
    I hope the blog block eases once baby is born.

  2. I’m glad you finally tried the ancle thing, told you it’ll look good. And hey, thanks for going into so much detail about the reality of pregnancies…you poor thing!

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