Coffee and work

I haven’t spilt coffee on it… so far

“So…. Coffee and pregnancy – tell me!”

When I visted my local coffee shop yesterday, the barista greeted me with this question.

As there are about 50,000 women at my work who are pregnant, I can see how it may have possibly been playing on his mind. I explained to him that the NSW Health eating guidelines for pregnant women (which you can access here – I can’t imbed the link because my editor is broken!) recommends no more than one shot (200mg) per day.

He tried to ask me follow up quesitons, but I pointed out I haven’t had my coffee yet, and to quit hassling me.

During my first pregnancy, I hardly touched coffee. I was also not working full time – only freelancing – and living in Ukraine. This meant I had very little nervous energy or stress to burn off, and the coffee over there was shit, so in fact, I had more or less given up coffee since I’d moved there.

In Darwin, I work in an at-times stressful job, managing a small team of people who provide a service to the organisation, so stress can play a part at times. My coffee consumption pre-pregnancy had grown to at least one large cup (3 shots of coffee) per day, so it was quite the cut-back to go to one small cup.

My coffee is my one vice during pregnancy, and luckily no-one has look askance at me when drinking it (luckily for THEM – because if they did, I would probably bop them on the head with my empty cup).

So now the big issue I am facing…

When I finish work on Friday, I won’t see my coffee shop every day. Can anyone recommend a good coffee machine for me to buy?


6 thoughts on “Coffee and work

  1. I have a Nespresso machine (the Citiz) which you can’t beat for ease of use. Put the pod in, push a button & voila, coffee! πŸ˜€ You don’t have to wait for it to heat up and the pods come in lots of different strengths and flavours. Plus, George Clooney advertises them πŸ˜‰

  2. You know I love my Nespresso machine πŸ˜‰

    But I know that’s not what you’re after…. Mum has an okay Sunbeam (I think) – seems to make okay coffee!

  3. will ask ryan for you (he is the veritable coffee snob extraordinaire). his machine at the moment is a breville. can;t tell you more than that as i can’t even use the silly thing (by choice, so I don’t get asked make them!!). but i do know he has been coveting one with an inbuilt grinder.

  4. I won’t give up my coffee during pregnancy either – we have a Breville and the Mr who is a MASSIVE coffee snob loves it. He doesn’t like the automatic machines cos they can have too many things go wrong and the settings are all too hard to play with. He went to a barista course and even the guy at the barista training said these are good machines. We got ours for around $220 from memory and it gets used every day which is a key part of keeping the machine up to standard. It’s not the base model, it’s the next one up. Our dishwasher broke and we were remarking how we’d rather that break than the coffee machine! πŸ™‚

  5. Thanks everyone for your invaluable feedback. I went to Target yesterday and found an entry level sunbeam on sale but ALAS – they have none in stock and no rainchecks because it’s a run-out, Sunbeam are superceding it 😦 So the search continues

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