Recent reads – the ‘Reader’s Block’ edition

My love of reading is undisputed, but it certainly has peaks and troughs. I’m not sure if it’s a tiredness/pregnancy thing, but I’ve recently gone through a bit of a trough. This means I either read practically nothing, or I re-read tried and true favourites.

So I find myself in a complete lull. I can’t actually remember the last book I read through and through – I find myself skimming over some pages and skipping forward to the end, then filling the bits in between.

So here are my recent reads:

The Millenium Series by Stieg Larsson – I loved the first two books, but I totally got stuck on number 3. I read them all in a row, and quite frankly, I think it was too much. I’m sure I’ll get back to it, but it marked the start of my current reader’s block.

The Distant Hours by Kate Morton – A Queensland author! Hurrah! This is the first of her books that I’ve read, and I have to say I was completely seduced by the cover design (hardback version), and it even came with one of those bookmark strings. I have no idea what the technical name is! The book was good – great in parts – but hard work for my pregnant attention span in others. Overall a good story, and I have been told by people in the know that it’s not her best, and have purchased The Forgotten Garden for the hospital bag.

Love in the Years of Lunacy by Mandy Sayer – I am totally in love with all of the early- to mid-century period novels / TV series / movies at the moment. This book is set in Sydney during World War II, which is even more exciting because I could picture some of the places she described. Mandy Sayer was recently in Darwin for the Darwin Festival; I heard an interview with her on the radio while I was driving back from an Ob appointment and had to detour through a Dymocks store to get this book. It was great.

Sing You Home by Jodi Piccoult – I was so disappointed by this book. Lots of marketing and a bad, unrealistic story. Usually Jodi’s books are harrowing but worthwhile. This was saccharine and labourious, and formulaic. I didn’t even finish it – it was just too bad. The thing with Jodi Piccoult is that I absolutely love some of her books – Plain Truth is a standout favourite – but others, I just couldn’t get past the second chapter.

Caleb’s Crossing by Geraldine Brooks – A great book. Not so engaging that I stayed up all night, but I did break my pregnancy-bedtime-by-10.30pm rule – it kept me up til 1.00am. Definitely worth reading!

And that’s about it. Very few books to show for three months. Actually quite disappointed in myself. During this period though, I have subscribed to about 50 more blogs, which doesn’t help me with expanding my attention span.

I figure late pregnancy isn’t a good time to focus on that anyway.


5 thoughts on “Recent reads – the ‘Reader’s Block’ edition

  1. LMM – just finished One Day – u could do in one read. Part way through Christopher Kremmer’s Bamboo Palace, which is about Laos royal family (and Laos more generally). Also got The game of thrones waiting. Have been highly recommended The hare with the amber eyes. Sometimes the book is great and the care factor is not high so a reread or a retry is necessary. And sometimes the book is just never going to do it for ; )

  2. I have not started book 3 of the Larsson series – mainly because I’m waiting for it to come out in paperback. I enjoyed the 2nd one the most (I enjoyed the first two – but have to say I think they both needed some editing, which probably didn’t get done because he died).

    I guess I have to admit that I’ve been reading flop this summer – tons of historical romance novels (you know the type – gives me something easy to read…I get them read in 1/2 a day). I’ve been consuming them. I’m sure once school starts for the kids I won’t have time to read again…so I’ll slow down.

    My husband just shakes his head at me. He can’t believe how much I can consume. (I call it consuming because that is how it feels sometimes).

    However, I can recommend the books Blackberry Wine (by Joanne Harris – she wrote Chocolat), and Water for Elephants (by Sara Gruen). Those were the only two “substance” books I read even though they didn’t have much substance. hahaha

  3. i just finished reading the forgotten garden. the first of kate morton that i have read and loved it. definitely a good choice for the hospital bag. check out the reference to the secret garden in the book.

  4. 2nd the recommendation for Water for Elephants. Also, I highly recommend The Hunger Games trilogy – brilliantly written story, can’t put the book down til you find out what happens next type stuff 🙂

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