I shouldn’t complain…


When we moved to the Territory, we were coming from an icy cold and long Ukrainian winter. When we found out we were going to Darwin, I was a little disappointed because I’d wanted to return to Brisbane where I had family and friends – especially so since we now had the Sprog.

At first I didn’t notice the weather in Darwin, so to speak. Coming from a European winter it felt perfectly logical to then go I to 33 degree, sunny sunny days in May / June / July / August.

But the heat has gone on, and on, and on… And here I am a survivor of two wet seasons and into my third dry season, with almost every day of those exceeding 30 degrees.

As I write this post, I am outdoors sweating in the 30+ degree heat, while my friends on Twitter and Facebook enter their third month of wishing the winter away.

We are going to Sydney later this week for a quick trip, and I had to go out and buy shoes. Since moving to the city of perpetual heat, I have worn nothing but sandals and my feet have grown a size. I have no ‘winter’ shoes to wear in Sydney. The Sprog owns one tracksuit – that’s it for her warm clothes. And even though I lived in Sydney for four years, I can’t remember how cold (or not) it will be.

I really shouldn’t complain about living in the Territory… But I do! Mostly because I miss my family and friends, and it takes four hours on a plane with a toddler to visit them.


3 thoughts on “I shouldn’t complain…

  1. My feeling was the reverse. I love the NT, the weather is what makes it so good. I detest the Canberra weather. It’s so cold or hot and dry. I love humidity and the feeling of being moist all the time. That said I love the people of Canberra and the way of life.

    1. I think that it’s the people and things to do in Brisbane that I miss – also it’s about 2 degrees too hot for me here most of the time. I’m a freckly fair skinned sun-phobe! But I love the heat for the sprog and the steady hours in the day throughout the year too.

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