The Home Stretch

Only a few more weeks before these two become three

As of this weekend, I move into 33 weeks and counting (down).

This is according to the dates set by my obstetrician, which he set according to a ‘dating scan’. I, however, know my dates, and my due date falls pretty much a week before the ob’s dates. Thus, I am unofficially 34 weeks. And yes. I’m counting.

Now add into that equation the fact that I have six weeks of work left, and you’ve got a very busy pregnant lady with only the weekends to ‘nest’. And take OUT of that equation the fact we just booked a long weekend away in Sydney for next week, and that’s very few weekends left to do stuff.

If you’re wondering what there could be to ‘do’, behold:

Nursery disarray

This is the gathering place for all things baby, but I won’t be turning this room into a nursery per se. The benefit of hindsight means that I know the baby will be sleeping beside our bed for quite a few weeks, which is handy because that will give my mum somewhere to sleep when she comes up. However, this is ‘ground zero’ for baby stuff, acting as a dumping ground which is allowing the rest of the household function normally.

This is what I hope to do in the next six weeks:

  • Assemble the change table. We never had one with Sproglette and my back is still punishing me
  • Wash all the newborn and 0-3 month clothes – after 2.5 years travelling from Ukraine to Brisbane to Darwin, and then life in the tropics, some of them need rather a good bleach!
  • Get on top of our filing – this will free up the drawers in this room for me to use for baby clothes and nappies etc
  • Giveaway some old books. We’ve previously seen the state of my bookshelves – and I still have two boxes of books clogging up the wardrobe in this room
  • Shop for hospital necessities and pack hospital bag. Just need to have that one ready to go… y’know.

And that’s the major tasks. When one only has precious weekends to do these tasks, I have the feeling we’ll manage to wash the newborn clothes and pack the hospital bag before I once again Sprog.

Oh well, the unticked items will give me a few things to focus on in those hazy baby daze days.


6 thoughts on “The Home Stretch

  1. I don’t envy you having to go through everything! When I was pregnant with my oldest, we took our birthing class and one of the parents there said they planned on putting the baby in a drawer for the first month….that pretty much made me realize I didn’t need to be as organized as I thought!

  2. @Julie – yes Pam is full of opinions. Just booked a trip to Sydders for next week to visit my sis before Sprog comes, and first thing my sis says is “Pam is going to be here”. Can’t escape the woman!

    @Karmyn – I still remember all that stuff you sorted through before the Caboose! The good news is we have a cot, which we’ve never taken down – that’s right, the Sproglette has been sleeping in a room in her bed with an empty cot in there for over a year! (We have no alternative storage space).

  3. cooor there’s nothing like a juicy list to tickoff – most satisfying! Listen – it’s saturday eve and the brain is not calculating too well but by my reckoning you will have sprogged two weeks before i get to sydders. Just sayin, that’s all.

  4. My dads (who was born in 1900) often talked about his baby brother born premature on December 19…. a bitter cold winter in Missouri.
    A fire was made in the wood stove and the baby was kept in the oven with the door open….
    That was their NICU! And that child survived and grew to be just a normal guy.

  5. Oh good luck with sorting everything out. Nothing like a good list to make you procrastinate more. And go you, working til pretty much your due date! Superstar!!! 🙂

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