When forty cookbooks just isn’t enough…

Cookbooks only. No fiction allowed.

I have a bit of a problem lately. It comes in the form of the Book Marketing people who drop a pile of assorted books on various filing cabinets around the office on a fortnightly basis.

Their strategy is perfected – something for the kids, something for the men, something for the foodies and some random piece of crap that no one would ever buy unless it’s ridiculously cheap (and it is).

At first I was intimidated. I didn’t know the system. Drop money off, leave it there – what if I need change? What if it gets stolen? But colleagues are enablers, and enabled I have been.

In the past two months, I have bought four cookbooks. (Not to mention about 10 children’s books and a first aid kit for Mr Moi).

And every fortnight, I tell myself that “I will not buy anymore cookbooks”, only then to swallow my words as a write out of my requirements on the order sheet, albeit with the shaking hand of an addict (see, there is some remorse involved in this process!)

So, when I purchased Nigella Express two weeks ago (and I almost got away with not buying it, except that I got into the office at the same time the man arrived to collect the orders and I just COULDN’T RESIST! I got the VERY LAST COPY) I swore that this was, indeed, the last cookbook. (He even dropped off a Women’s Weekly After Work Meals book that only cost $9 and I’m always on the search for quick meal options, yet I resisted.)


Going out the door this week is a book called The Food of Morocco. Now, long before Moroccan was the name of one of Mariah Carey’s spawn, it was my favoured cooking genre. I have a range of Moroccan recipes, many chapters on Moroccan food, but I don’t have one single volume that is a source of all things food and Moroccan.

I believe my collection simply won’t be complete without The Food of Morocco. And I know it will be good because years ago Mr Moi bought The Food of France with a birthday voucher, and just a few weeks ago I picked up The Food of Italy from my local Coles for $5. (YES! $5! I just couldn’t leave it there). I’ve tried and tested the series! It’s good!

I have three more days to make up my mind about The Food of Morocco and I’ll only buy it if someone proves they are more of a cookbook addict than I am!


3 thoughts on “When forty cookbooks just isn’t enough…

  1. go ahead and buy. we now have two copies of ‘food of the world’ and another cookbook as ryan couldn’t live without them for the period we spent overseas so had to rebuy them both while we were there.

  2. I am hoarding many more cookbooks than you! Currently running at over 40 feet of cookbooks on the shelves. No fiction hiding in those shelves either.
    Should you ever want to talk food I may be your girl.
    Nice to see another Darwin blogger.

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