Let’s talk about beans

Coffee beans, that is.

How much do you pay for your daily coffee?

My one vice is a small cup of coffee everyday.

(I will note that this is within healthy pregnancy food consumption guidelines according to NSW Health via Baby Centre).

I choked down that bloody coffee during morning sickness and now I wistfully linger over it because it’s just not big enough. But a small is all that is recommended for preggos so a small it is.

My local recently increased the price of all cups by 20 cents, which means I am paying almost $4 for a small latte. That’s almost $20 per week on coffee. That’s a lot of money per year! But I just keep thinking, “it’s my one vice…” and I let it slide.

If I truly felt ripped off, I could take drastic alternative actions. Such as walking an extra 5 minutes for my coffee (“but Darwin is sooo hot!”) or giving up coffee altogether (“but it’s my one viiiiice!”).

But when it boils down to it (no pun intended), I love lingering over my (small) coffee, and the best placed coffee joint is one that is handy to work. A 20 minute round trip for a coffee run isn’t an option on a weekday.

So I’ll just suck it up – that’s the lengths I’ll go to to maintain my supply. Because we are all, essentially, creatures of some habit or another.

How much do you pay for your coffee? Do you have any strange coffee habits?


5 thoughts on “Let’s talk about beans

  1. I can’t understand why you just don’t buy a DECENT coffee machine. You would have it paid for before the year was out!!!

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