Tired, broken, sore

We’re both tuckered out


If I don’t get to bed by 9.30pm, then the next day I may well write off.

Of course, it’s all related to the gestating foetus I am carrying, but as I have officially entered the third trimester, I am wondering how I will manage to juggle full time work, the toddler Sprog, and pregnancy all at once. Add in Mr Moi spending a lot of time travelling and no family within a four-hour flight, and that doesn’t leave a lot of creative juices for blogging or anything else really.

The Sproglette getting fitted for her collar and cuff sling


I picked up the Sprog from Daycare on Friday and she was pointing over her shoulder. I thought she was dobbing on the girl behind her for stealing a book. Little did I realise she was pointing at her shoulder, until I picked her up and she howled in pain.

After a bit of umming and ahhing, we took her to Royal Darwin Hospital at 6.00 pm (early, to beat the Friday night rush – not kidding!), and were seen so quickly, in fact, that we didn’t even have time to confirm our details or hand over our Medicare card – the admin lady had to chase us through the ED!

The doctor and nurses were all fantastic, as were the radiography crew. We were in an out, with x-rays, diagnosis (fractured collarbone), dressing, referral letter and ice-block (hand delivered by the doctor himself) in under an hour and a half. Amazing service, especially considering RDH doesn’t have a children’s ED and is one of the busiest EDs in the country.


Sadly, I found my first stretch mark of this pregnancy this morning. I am sad only because it would be wonderful if my tummy remained the only stretch mark-free area of my body – is it too much to ask? Evidently.

I haven’t felt as tired as I always imagined I would during a second pregnancy. I think I can put that down to the general haze of exhaustion any parent of a toddler experiences – sleeping through the night is still not a guaranteed thing. Working with a child, even when not pregnant, was always tiring, so a little pregna-xhaustion on top of that hasn’t had much of an effect. However, refer back to the start of this post – gotta get those early bedtimes!


Despite sounding all dour, we’re coping of course! The following activities are on my list of sanity savers:

  • Drinking my one small coffee per day
  • Baking
  • Reading – I must have read about 40 books so far this year! (this includes re-reads)
  • Going for walks on weekend mornings
  • Taking photos
  • Dipping into Twitter and relishing my blog roll
  • Ice cream for dessert 🙂
  • Soaking up the actual winterlike conditions in Darwin – overnight temps of 14 / 15 degrees! Incredible.

How have you been feeling lately?


4 thoughts on “Tired, broken, sore

  1. Obviously I am not as tired as you must be – take a sick day and catch up (you are allowed to take family days if a little one is not well!!) After minding the 3 little Bellingen babies next week perhaps my memories of tiredness with kids will come back!!!

  2. Oh my goodness! Poor little darling! Did daycare mention anything about it, because I would be asking some pretty pointed questions if they didn’t. A child should not be able to break a bone without somebody noticing something! And I hear you about the tiredness, I am just entering second trimester, with an 11 month old, and am so, so, so tired!

  3. Oh poor toddler sprog!! I am also wondering if the daycare said anything/she fell or something.

    Oh and pregnancy tiredness (well I didn`t make it far into my 3rd trimester but still…)- I feel for you. It is hard with another kid but I think you do kind of just work through it because you have to. But don`t overdue it. Definitely rest more than you think you should, when you can. Easier said than done I know.

    I like your list of sanity savers- some of them are on my list too. As is taking a shower, by myself, for 5 minutes or more. On average I have one shower alone a week…I wish it was more!

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