Travel Snap Tuesday: Magela Creek, Kakadu

Magela Creek billabong

This week’s Travel Snap Tuesday comes fresh to you from Kakadu, where the Moi family spent the Easter break. In what is becoming something of an Easter tradition for our little family, we once again headed out to see the tail end of the Wet Season floods, and we thoroughly enjoyed the World Heritage Listed park before the big tourist rush of June through to August.

Of course, visiting in the Wet Season means there is a lot of water around, which in turn means that it’s impossible to get to many places simply because the roads shut for the season. In fact, I would wager that up to 95 per cent of roads (outside of the two highways) are closed during the Wet Season, and others are open but impassable.

For example, here is the road to Ubirr…

The road to Ubirr and Arnhem Land – a bit to the right of the boat

In the Dry Season (apparently!) this is a dry road across a tiny creek. In the Wet Season, the Magela Creek floods, making the road only passable by high clearance vehicles with snorkels. Except a lot of people didn’t get the memo, and crossed through in vehicles with a tarp over the front grate of their car and no snorkel. I heard a few sick cars come out of this crossing!

Considering we own a small car, we decided for the safer option of travelling up the flooded Magela system by boat – in fact, the boat you see above. We took a 2 hour tour up and down the system, though the flooded lands and into billabongs that exist all year round. It was beautiful.

Travelling up the creek from the starting point

Travelling through the floodway reminded me of what I always thought the tropics would be like – green, wet, overhanging and overgrown. It reminded me of the opening credits of True Blood, strangely enough, but without all the gory vampire and dead animal sequences.

The essence of the tropics

We travelled right up to the other side of the flooded Ubirr road and dropped off some tour-ists who were on a longer tour that drove up to Ubirr. I really wanted to do that one, but wasn’t sure how the Sproglette would go for 5.5hours being shuffled from bus to boat to bus to boat to bus.

As it was, she had lots of fun taking the advice of our Aboriginal guide and eating the stems of the water lillies she (the guide) picked from the water. A fitting dessert to her vegemite sandwich.

Travel snap Tuesday is about sharing a moment in time through a photo (or three). If you want to join in Travel Snap Tuesday, simply post a pic of anywhere you’ve been in Australia or abroad. And please leave a link so we can voyeurise your travel pics.


3 thoughts on “Travel Snap Tuesday: Magela Creek, Kakadu

  1. We used to regularly get stuck in Jabiru when the rain set in. I remember one year heading into D-town, getting a third of the way in when we came to a huge body of water covering the road. Dad went to inspect…. And it was back to Jabiru we went!

    I forget how beautiful it is out there – I really must take Mr Posy out for a weekend!

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