Travel Snap Tuesday: Crucifix, Belem, Portugal

Before we moved back to Australia, we decided to take a little break to bid farewell to Europe. As it was the end of a very long Ukrainian winter with a newborn-ish baby, we wanted to go somewhere warm. (This was before we knew we were moving to Darwin. Had I known that I would be living in an endless summer since this trip, I would have opted for Siberia. Or Murmansk. Alaska. Etc).

We decided to go to Lisbon, as we’d long harboured a fondness for Portuguese food thanks to many evenings spent dining around the Portuguese-influenced Petersham, and a few rowdy nights at the hard-to-find Sydney Portugal Community Club in Marrickville.

We arrived in the lovely warm Lisbon and realised that we didn’t actually know much about Lisbon or what there was to see and do. So we asked taxi drivers where we should go, and on one particular morning, our taxi driver suggested ‘Belem!’ and we said ‘Okay!’ and off we went.

Belem is about 6km from Lisbon, and we noticed three things about the little suburb – the massive church, the beautiful garden in front of the church, and a bakery with a huge lineup.

This Travel Snap was taken in the massive church, which I later found out is called the Jeronimos Monastery. The inside was beautiful – and enormous – and we also derived much pleasure from plodding around the exterior of the sandstone buildings into and out of the courtyards.

I thought this Jesus was so full of drama and tragedy. There was something about this crucifix that was so achingly artistic that I chased this photo. There wasn’t a lot of light, but there was some sunlight in the choir loft, where this Christ was perched. After about 50 shots, I got this one, and returned to Mr Moi the the Sprog, and we promptly retired to the lovely cool garden outside.

My one regret is that we didn’t visit that bakery with the huge lineup. Because as it turns out, it’s where Portuguese Tarts were invented. Silly silly me. That’s enough of a reason to add Belem to the list of places to travel, again.

Travel snap Tuesday is about sharing a moment in time through a photo (or three). If you want to join in Travel Snap Tuesday, simply post a pic of anywhere you’ve been in Australia or abroad. And please leave a link so we can voyeurise your travel pics.

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7 thoughts on “Travel Snap Tuesday: Crucifix, Belem, Portugal

    1. Can you believe it? :~( I couldn’t believe that we’d accidentally ended up where THE portuguese tart was invented. And so I didn’t believe it!

  1. I am sad about your lack of Portuguese tarts. If you ever feel like making them, I highly recommend Bill Granger’s recipe – so easy and delicious!

    I love your idea of asking taxi drivers where you should go, that’s brilliant!

    1. Oh yeah that’s always our fallback option. Mr moi usually does it to find out good places to eat, which leads to some worthy gems 🙂

  2. Thanks Sharolyn! Yes it’s a shame but because I have a hosted blog, I can’t put the linky in like on blogspot blogs. But you did work it out because it’s sure there!

  3. “Belem is about 6km from Lisbon, and we noticed three things about the little suburb ”


    Belém is Lisbon…

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