The Hair Do: Before

Here is the ‘Before’ do.

There are so many things wrong with this haircut. Least of which is that it was just a little dowdy. It’s especially important for a woman who is 18 week pregnant to go the path of least dowdiness, and this hair was making me feel little like a cocker spaniel.

Not to mention the amount of product it took to temper all of that thick hair into flat submission. This was especially true of the fringe, which, when gathered, was as thick as a small child’s arm.

The other problem was that the person who cut it was, I suspect, a little inexperienced with short hair (in fact, she was probably a little inexperienced with everything, seeing as she was about 18 years old). I could have told her that her technique was completely wrong – she cut my hair into blunt ends, then textured it with the razor… and then proceeded to cut all that texture out, except for five or six locks that were a good 2 cms longer than the rest of the hair. You can see evidence of this around the fringe.

Now, I will point out also, that this photo was taken a mere 6 weeks after my previous haircut. All the frustrations voiced above surfaced within three weeks of the cut. But I am always too nervous to go back and ask for corrections, but I find it a little confrontational. I would hate it if a stranger came up to me and bagged a body of work I’d completed for them, I would take it completely personally.

So I did the wormy thing and rang the hairdressers asking for a change of stylist.

Stay tuned this week to see the fruits of my new stylist’s labours…


4 thoughts on “The Hair Do: Before

  1. I know the feeling of being scared to say anything. If you are ever in Brisbane again we had a hairdresser we LOVED and have put many friends onto. Prior to Eireann hair-cuts were a bit scary for me. With Eireann they were a relaxing afternoon of pampering!

    Hope the new ‘do’ works out well for you.

  2. Ooo I’m sure I’ll be in Brisbane again. And funnily enough I haven’t had a haircut in Brisbane since I left in 2002. Actually I lie, there was a girl in Chermside that did a good job once… Though I can’t remember her name, or the salon’s for that matter!

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