Mulling over Easter

Late last year the Northern Territory Government decreed that indeed we would get the day after Easter Monday off, as ANZAC Day falls on Easter Monday this year.

‘Of COURSE we’d get it off,’ I thought. But it turns out that some states – possibly New South Wales? – don’t get it off, poor buggers. (I may be wrong. If so, enlighten me!)

So, through my haze of snotty nose/sore throat illness that has, over the past two days, evolved into coughing fits and chest congestion, Mr Moi and I have been trying to sort out what to do at Easter.

Ideally, we would like to do what we did last year – stay local for the five days and explore our backyard. But plans such at they are contingent on the fact that the rain will stop at some point to allow the dry season to peek through. And the rain is still coming. In fact, when I was on the road to pick the Sproglette up from daycare yesterday, there was such a heavy downpour that, within 20 minutes, parts of the road were covered in 10 cm of water.

As a result of all this rain, the roads to Kakadu, Litchfield, Dundee Beach, Daly River, even the Gorge Road outside of Katherine, are either under flood watch every second day, or are actually flooded.

(I feel sorry for all the tourists who are once again lobbing into town in the hopes of an early dry season – there is literally nothing to do).

So, the options we have before us are – return to Brisbane for the holiday and visit family, which includes the prospect of much public humiliation thanks to Sproglette’s love of combining tantrums with flying. Or perhaps fly to Bali in the middle of the night for a two or three nights and get a taster of SE Asia…

Hmm. These choices are difficult to make. Suffice to say I don’t want to sit around staring at these four walls and the rain outside for five days!

What are your plans for Easter holidays? Do you have a family get together, or do you tend to take time out? Are you going anywhere special this year? Please share!


One thought on “Mulling over Easter

  1. We’ll be kicking around town this Easter – I’d prefer to go away when it’s less busy/spensive 😉

    I’m going to spend my weekend reading. Bliss!

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