Friday Night Foot-Bawl: April Fool’s Day

I didn’t blog yesterday because, after a few days of Mr Moi being away, and taking advantage of his absence by staying up late to watch rom-coms, I was just a little bit tired and as a result I slept in yesterday morning. Until 7.15 – which left me with just 45 minutes to get ready and get TO work.

Luckily, Mr Moi is on drop off Sproglette duty when he is present at the abode.

Anyhoo. Last night, I wanted to blog a new series of my own called ‘Friday Night Foot-Bawl’. This will be a series that has no structure except that I will be writing it with a level of indignance because the football season has started, which means I don’t get a look in with the telly until September. (AFL is the preferred code, but any code will do Mr Moi).

However, I went to bed at 8.30pm. Still catching up on sleep, it seems.

So, the theme of the series is ‘Bawling’ – I’m really bawling over the fact I can’t watch the telly and am drastically low on box sets. But I will take it as an opportunity to rant or rave about something topical if that’s what I feel like.

And what could be more topical yesterday than April Fool’s Day?

(This is not a rant. I actually found the day’s pranks really funny!)

This article from The Age summed up the best of April Fool’s Day. There was the Hundstool by Ikea (Bone Appetit!), proving that Swedes really do have a fantastic sense of humour. Then there was Father Bob’s Pitstop Penance, promising absolution from sins in the convenience of your car. The Starbuck’s Mobile Pour is just hilarious.

Although I didn’t see it yesterday, the Google Motion concept is truly going to be world changing, but it will never happen.

Closer to home, the local paper, NT News, claimed that 4WDs were to be banned from Darwin City (everyone owns a 4WD here, because it’s so remote), and that a monorail would be introduced to Darwin (cue the Simpson’s – ‘Monorail, Monorail!‘). The comments are funnier than the actual pranks. Territorians are so passionate about their Territory and their politics. And their 4WDs.

Now, I never played April Fool’s Day pranks when I was a kid, and this has carried over into adulthood. I just don’t think of it. When I was younger, my mother (who is a good Catholic – not a fervant one – but a typical one who doesn’t mind a glass or bottle of wine every now and then) told us that April Fool’s Day stemmed from the crucifixion of Jesus, when the Romans made a fool of him on the cross.

I’m not sure if mum really believes this or whether we scared the shit out of her with some stupid joke one year, that she told us this to silence us on the topic and guarantee no pranks in the future. Either way, this morning on Twitter I checked with an Authority, Fr Bob Maguire:

And the lovely man that he is, Fr Bob promptly replied:

Thanks Fr Bob.

Did you play any April Fool’s jokes? Who got had? Please share!


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