Watching on a cyclone

This week the NT news outlets have been abuzz (read: obsessed) with news of a low pressure system off the coast of Darwin.

Yes, that statement looks just as ridiculous to me as it does to you!

However, I will remind you of a few important little details:
– Darwin isn’t really that big so when the media’s looking for a good news story, there’s slim pickings
– It is still cyclone season – technically to the end of April
– A low pressure system may have some adverse effect on fishing or crocodiles, which equates to standing on the cusp of the Apocalypse for most Territorians.

Yesterday afternoon, the Bureau of Meteorology officially started to ‘watch’ the Tropical Low, which means that they gave it capital letters and the airwaves were dominated by messages to buy your cyclone kit (lots of tinned spaghetti) and throw your plastic outdoor furniture into the pool so it doesn’t blow away (or into the pool).

Two things pissed me off about this:
1. On the weekend Mr Moi cracked opened a can of tinned spaghetti, the last remnants from my TC Carlos cyclone kit that I prepared for me and the Sproglette because Mr Moi was away when they shut the airport and missed the ENTIRE CYCLONE
2. Mr Moi is currently away again and Darwin airport is on Cyclone Watch. At 7am I find out if I’m destined to go this one alone as well.

(For the record, I took advantage of my status as a pregnant lady to irrationally tell Mr Moi that if he’s suck outside of Darwin for another cyclone, I will ready the divorce papers. Like a good pregnant husband, he meekly agreed and then probably had a stiff drink and started calling around hire car companies).

So I wish myself luck for 7am… There’s no way I’m going to masking tape the glass in our place. Mr Moi better be here to do it or I’ll just let ’em break!

(Oh did I mention it’s not likely to actually hit Darwin? But you never know…)

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4 thoughts on “Watching on a cyclone

  1. I havent recovered from Carlos, and the food stock has long gone. My no longer pregnant wife is confident that it won’t hit but that was what she said the last time, and we ended up loosing our fence.
    I think you’re a brave pregnant woman and I hope you’ll be allright.

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