The pre-nesting cleanup

90 litres of clothes that are going to a better home

I didn’t really nest when I was pregnant with the Sproglette. I lived in Ukraine and we had few possessions there, plus it was summer and I was far too busy socialising.

When we arrived back in Australia, there was quite a bit of time spent cleaning our house in Brisbane, as our tenants had trashed it. I think this served the nesting instinct. (I would like to thank an empty house, sugar soap, and lots of bending and stretching for delivery Little Miss Sproglette right on her due date).

Our place in Darwin is not huge, and the wardrobe particularly is overcrowded with 2.5 years worth of winter clothes that we collected in Ukraine.

This morning, I was gripped with an Urge. An Urge borne not from pregnancy hormones, as you may think… rather, and urge to not have to pick up all the shit that falls off the top shelf in the course of the day and peg it back up there, hoping the mountain of old clothes won’t topple and smother me. Or the Sprog.

After much sorting and folding, I filled three 30 litre bags with clothes, shoes, handbags and underwear (it’s never been worn – I live in denial and always seem to think I can fit my arse into size 12 undies. Which I haven’t done for 10 years).

I plan to donate these bags to Vinnies. (I’ve been inspired by my old blog friend, Sabrina who set herself the challenge of ’40 Bags for 40 Days’. I haven’t done much reading about it, but I’m guessing that, for every day of lent, one must chuck out a bag of stuff… Not a bad idea really).

The next round of purging – and this one may hurt – will be the bookshelves. Which are so overladen that the shelves have collapsed on one another.

I’m not a spring cleaner, I’m a hoarder. However, I haven’t had trouble letting go at each major move. Do you spring clean? Are you neat? Any tips for keeping neat and decluttering as you go?


2 thoughts on “The pre-nesting cleanup

  1. Eee! I see you! I love the new diggs! I have not been by in forever! Glad you are enjoying the purge! I have not been posting all my 40 bags but we are just getting rid of it all in waves! I can’t believe we have so much stuff (especially after purging both before and after moving TWICE in the same year!). Good to see you!!!! Love!

  2. I am a complete clutter-phobe. I chuck out constantly, always on the alert for the little piles appearing in corners, the cupboards getting a wee bit too stuffed full, the things appearing in the garage after being moved from the house…

    My tip is, always think like you do when you’re moving. You know that strain when you’re moving house, which makes you look at things – clutter – and think “Do I like this or use this enough to shift it?” Do that, only weekly or fortnightly. Have a charity bag on the go constantly. Once you put it in there, you’ll forget about it anyway, which feeds the idea of what you do and don’t need.

    Use Freecycle. People who need your junk will come and collect it off you. Much better place for getting rid of clothes (books, bric a brac, kitchenware etc…) than overloaded charity shops.

    Good on you for taking on the clutter. You can beat it! Good luck 🙂

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